Hunger Control Through Distraction


Introduction And Background
When a person starts to diet, the most difficult thing they have to encounter is to control their appetite because those hunger pangs can really make things miserable for you. Imagine that you are really hungry and have a large appetite for cake but cannot have it, even though it is right there in front of you. Wouldn’t that drive you completely insane? Well, it comes as no surprise that appetite suppression is given so much importance because it is the thing that can make or break your diet. People end up leaving their diets after two or three days only because they cannot control their appetites and end up giving in to those hunger pangs. Well, if you can control those hunger pangs in some manner, wouldn’t that be great? This is where distraction comes in. Here are some of the ways where you can distract yourself and not think about the hunger pangs.

Mind Over Matter
This concept is a true one and actually works if you are determined enough to make it work! Did you know that there are people who have actually lost weight by a simple technique told by psychologists and psychiatrists alike to people who want to lose weight. They tell people to look at a food that they are craving for, for a full ten seconds. During that time, they should remind themselves about their goal and shake their head from side to side, whispering no or saying it in their heart. After the ten seconds are up, it will be fairly easier for them to walk away from that particular food than it was before and it can save them many calories! It has worked for a lot of people but they should also know their will power and exercise. There is no magic in those ten seconds except for the magic you want to happen and ensure should happen.

Read A Book Or Play Games
Did you know that gamers who are so involved in their PC games or the XBOX or anytime of console they are having often forget to eat during the day. It is pretty famous that gamers lose a lot of weight because they lose track of time and often end up skipping mealtimes. While you may not be a gamer, this is just an example to show you that if you end up doing something that you really like and it keeps you distracted enough to make you not think about food, you should do it. It could be reading a book or perhaps even listening to music. The thing you need to do is distract yourself until your next mealtime so that you do not give in to your cravings and manage to control your hunger.

Stay Away From The Kitchen
The kitchen is the biggest appeal. Usually, even when a person is bored, he or she ends up in the kitchen for lack of something better to do. Distract yourself with other rooms in the house, don’t go into the kitchen, even for water. Keep a bottle with you in case you need water but find entertainment in other things. It could be the garden, the study and of course the Tv room. There is nothing like being distracted by a good television show going on that does not make you want to leave your seat throughout.

Don’t Worry…
If you are worried that you will have to keep distracting yourself and it sounds really bad because let’s face it, it does sound pretty bad that for the duration of your diet you have to do all of this. Sometimes, distractions themselves become responsibilities and sometimes you end up thinking more about food than you did before because you are aware of the fact that you don’t want to think about it. As confusing as that sounds, your appetite will lessen in about three to four days. Your hunger pangs will become bearable enough for you to control. You won’t have to keep distracting yourself. And pretty soon, you will just distract yourself sometimes when you really want something; otherwise your hunger will be easier to control. That is just how appetite works. When it reduces, your dieting days become easier. It is just the first few days that are hard. Try to find as many distractions as you can during it. You’ll be fine later on!

The mind is a very powerful thing. If you can learn how to mold it your way, there is nothing better than that! Controlling your hunger by distracting yourself is one of the best methods and has actually worked for quite a lot of people. There have been various positive results because it really does help in making you stay away from your cravings.