How To Lose 5 KG Weight – Lose Weight In A Month

Introduction And Background
When someone says “oh, you should lose weight”, one literally feels like asking them to go through what they are going through. It is easier said than done. Weight loss might seem easy on the surface but once you start to do it, there are a lot of things which can hinder the process. One, if you have to lose weight in the first place that means you like eating food and you overeat which explains the obesity. That makes it even tougher to lose weight because you have an increased appetite, and you have to deal with the hunger pangs which will make you want to quit your diet every second. So yes, it is not easy. Those who think it is should think again. In this article, there will be tips given on how to lose 5 KG weight in a month’s time which is more than reasonable. Read on further to find out why and how to manage such a weight loss in this amount of time.

Why 5 Kg Is A Healthy Amount Of Weight To Lose?
Crash dieting is not the solution to your problems, always remember that. Even if you are morbidly obese, it is always better to gradually lose weight rather than go through the process quickly and also affect your health a lot. Keeping this case scenario in mind, it deems well that 5 Kg weight is a healthy amount of weight to lose, especially in a month’s time. Now, if you wanted to lose 5 Kg in a week’s time, that wouldn’t be nice and you would probably be doing more damage than good. You can lose so much weight only if you starve yourself because let’s face it, no one else is going to do so much exercise now, will they? No one is going to exercise all day and then eat as much as they want. It is easier to starve yourself because rarely do people find the time to exercise for more than two hours a day. Losing 5 Kgs in a month means you are roughly losing about 1 Kg per week, yes? Now that is healthy. You won’t have to starve yourself or exercise a lot out of routine. And there will be no adverse effect to your health. You won’t have to face any excessive hair fall and you will not be facing any nutritional deficiencies if you stick to a healthy diet and just avoid fatty foods. And another thing you should keep in mind; they say that weight lost slowly is lost forever. This is true. The weight you lose quickly usually comes back just as quickly but if you have lose weight over a gradual time period; it is harder to gain back.

How To Lose 5 Kg In A Month?
Now that you believe losing 5 Kg in a month is immensely healthy, you must be thinking about how to actually do it. Well, here is how you can lose this amount of weight.

  • Walk daily. No matter what happens, try to walk daily. Even if you cannot find the time to do so, at least take fifteen minutes out and walk briskly around the park or wherever you want to. It really helps in burning the calories. Exercise is better but not everyone can squeeze strenuous exercises into their routine. So walking helps.
  • Cut down on fatty things but do not starve yourself completely. Have a normal meal. Just stay away from carbs and fats. You’ll notice the difference yourself in a week’s time that you’re growing a bit thinner.
  • Stop eating before you are full. This is a technique which helps many to lose weight and decrease the appetite. Always stop eating before you reach the point where you are full.
  • Concentrate more on eating proteins than carbs and fats.
  • Stay away from junk food. You can only eat junk food one day a week and that is it. Other than that, you should avoid it and there is no exception to that rule except for that one day.
  • You can eat as many fruits as you want but do not have bananas or watermelons. They have a lot of sugar in them.
  • Eat eggs for breakfast but don’t eat the yolk. Just eat the egg white. Have a heavy lunch and a light dinner.

Losing 5 Kg in one month is not that difficult and to be honest, you won’t even feel as if you are dieting if you are smart about it. All you have to do is eat healthy, stay away from junk food and try to have a light dinner. And soon you will see that the scales have moved 5 Kg in your favor!