How To Choose Among Good Fats And Bad Fats

Introduction And Background
The topic might make you wonder what it means, good fats and bad fats. To the average man or woman, all fats are bad, aren’t they? It is the word that is alienated during a diet and it is the word that is often called out loud to obese people and hurts their feelings. And when one is trying to lose weight, usually everything fatty is eradicated from the diet now, isn’t it? Then what is this business of good fats and bad fats? Read on further to find out what good fats are and what bad fats are and how you can choose among them and the foods you should know about which has these nutritional elements. Keep an open mind!

Health Is Wealth
Your health should be your wealth rather than the car that is parked outside or the money that is present in your wallet. You should pay specific attention to nutrition and all the sorts of things that you eat because that is what will make you feel good eventually, having a fitter and healthy body. The question here though is of fats. Well, fats are one of the important components of the food pyramid and are the energy providing source in most foods, along with the carbs present. But why should we avoid all fats? There are some fats that are good for us.

The Good
You might have heard the term of saturated and unsaturated fats, right? Well, keep this thing in mind that the unsaturated fats are the good fats. These are the ones that you should have in your diet and these are the ones that you should look forward to having it. The healthy oils as well, such as olive oil and almond oil, contain unsaturated fats. Even fish oil is considered to be one of the good fats and is excellent for heart health. If you ever meet a heart patient, you will see them eating some sort of yellow liquid gel tablets. If you ask them what it is, they will say it is fish oil. It can regulate cholesterol levels in the body and avoid the formation of plaques in arteries or arterioles. Blood clotting can also be inhibited by the good fatty acids! Imagine how much you are missing out on by not having these good fats.

The Bad
Now what are the bad fats? They are the saturated fatty acids that can cause terrible reactions in the body at times. If you are having a high amount of saturated fat in food, it means that your cholesterol levels are going to go high up and that can actually lead to having a heart attack or some kind of stroke. The bad fatty acids can also lead to a buildup of plaque inside the blood vessels and if that happens, blood pressures will rise and can easily lead to angina attacks. Trans-fat is also considered to be bad fat so any product you get which has this labelled on it, do not get it. It is not good for you and it is better for you to avoid such things. A lot of junk food items contain trans-fat that you should be aware of but are not. Research on the items that are good for you.

What Choices To Make?
Here are a few choices that you can make to ensure that you have the good fats in your diet rather than the bad!

  • No one can stay away from dairy products because they are an everyday thing. But what you can do is turn to the low-fat dairy.
  • When you are cooking meat, go for the lean meat instead of the fatty part. It usually hold the good fat.
  • Grill your foods or cook them in oils like olive oil.
  • Turn towards unsalted nuts rather than eating crackers or any other type of such snack.
  • Fish are a perfect option for having the good fats in your system.
  • Avocados also contain polyunsaturated fats.
  • If you are craving something, even peanut butter is allowed. However, get the peanut butter that only has the natural peanut butter and salt in it.
  • Soymilk is also something you can turn to rather than cow or buffalo milk.

In reality, you don’t have to leave anything. You just have to make a few smarter choices to ensure that you are on the correct path to getting the good fats rather than the bad fats. The bad fats can be harmful for you in the long run and aside from obesity, there are also multiple diseases that one can be saved from if they have the intelligence to stay away from foods that contain the bad fats. And now you know which ones contain the good ones!