How Does Fiber Suppress Appetite?

Introduction And Background
The thing with dieting is, we concentrate more on starving ourselves than acting smartly about it. The first thing we have to realize before we start a diet is that appetite suppression is of the utmost importance. Your diet will fail eventually if you have not mastered the art of suppressing the appetite. Now, you’ll be wondering why it is so important and what can be done about it. You’ll also be thinking of how to achieve it. Keep reading the article and you’ll understand more about appetite suppression and what role fiber has to play in it.

The Importance Of Appetite Suppression
Why is appetite suppression so important, you ask. Well, without appetite suppression, you won’t be able to lose any weight and your diet will probably end up failing. Think about it yourself, if you have an increasing appetite, a time will come eventually when you’ll be sick and tired of the small portions you eat and then give in to your cravings. But with appetite suppression, you will have a nice hold on it and eventually you’ll be satisfied with what you eat. You need to eat less in order to burn more calories than you consume so that you lose weight.

Fiber is a pretty essential element in our list of foods and we need it for quite some reasons. Fiber enhances our bowel movements and makes the passage of stool more comfortable and easy. Fiber is also known to keep our blood sugar levels at an ideal level and cholesterol levels are also taken care of. We know that blood sugar levels, once in control, can help immensely to fight off diseases such as diabetes or hypoglycemia. And as for cholesterol, fiber can actually help prevent heart disease if it is able to keep cholesterol in check!

Fiber Can Help You Lose Weight
Fiber can actually help you lose weight. Fiber is not digested by the blood stream and is actually removed from the body completely. It is what forms the bulk of the mass in stool. A lot of people, while dieting, face constipation problems so they ensure that they are eating a meal which consists of fiber at least once a day.

How Does Fiber Suppress The Appetite?
You’ll be wondering how fiber suppresses the appetite but the answer to that has already been given. You know by now that fiber is not taken into the blood stream but rather egested by the body. It fills you up but it does not give you calories. This is the first step to suppressing the appetite! It acts as a great snack and you can eventually get used to the fiber meals. Fiber is also slow to leave the gut which means that you feel full for a longer time. Food that is quickly digested often enables you to eat more after a short time. This does not happen with fiber. The other thing that fiber does is maintain a constant blood sugar level, which is again an aid to suppressing the appetite. If you blood sugar levels do not fall, your brain will not stimulate any signal telling you that you need food because your cells are not getting enough juice! This will also help suppress the appetite because you won’t be stuffing your face this way!

High Fiber Foods
Fruits have a lot of fiber in them. This might come as a shock to you but fruits are one of the top foods which are considered high fiber. Apples, bananas and even strawberries have more than three to four grams of fiber in them! Oranges, raisins and pears are also high fiber foods. Other than that, oatmeal, popcorn, brown rice and whole-wheat pasta also make the list.

Other Ways To Suppress The Appetite
One way is definitely to add more fiber to your diet and research on what kind of foods have a high fiber content. Other ways to suppress the appetite are:

  • Drink a lot of water. Always have water before a meal so that you have less space in the stomach and feel full sooner.
  • Always have fruits before a meal. They are good for health and again leave less space for the meal you are about to have.
  • Eat protein and fiber in the morning. It takes time to digest and you won’t be craving for anything before lunchtime at least!

You can see the various benefits of fiber in this article! Did you also know that fiber can considerably decrease the chances of you developing colon cancer? The latest research has proven this. Add fiber to your diet and eat high fiber foods if you aren’t already. They will help you in suppressing the appetite and you will lose weight quickly.