How does appetite suppression work for weight loss

Introduction and Background

Appetite suppression helps in reducing weight in individuals by eradicating the food cravings; the very basic human drive. The main motive of these suppressants is to kill the most common human drive of appetite and lead to weight loss.  When dieting, the toughest part is to ignore the cries of your stomach that says give more food. To suppress one’s appetite various diet supplements are available in the market that kills your hunger pangs naturally. They fill your stomach so well that you don’t feel hungry or the need to fill your stomach by eating junk or any high calorie foods.

As you would realize by the name itself appetite suppression kills the basic human drive of eating from its roots. In any weight loss program appetite remains mostly the same and therefore rigorous exercises are recommended to cut out the extra kilos. You can imagine now if the hunger itself is killed then the need to exercise might be ruled out for sometime definitely.

Eating less and more of physical activity has always been the key to weight loss since ages. This is a very common thing that most people realize and understand. However many simply fail to practice of eating less and in most of the cases give in to the hunger pangs whether natural or unnatural.

By decreasing the food cravings body becomes less accustomed to intake of food. This less acceptance of food in the body automatically reduces calorie intake and with low calorie intake you would automatically lose weight. This implies that once calorie intake gets lower than the standards of a basic metabolic rate, individuals would lose weights instantly.

Let’s understand how the appetite suppression leads to weight loss eventually. By reducing food cravings the body increases serotin levels in the brain. As per studies and researches the low level of Serotin in a human body makes the person overeat a lot and hence become obese.

This is the whole basis and concept of appetite suppressants that increases serotonin production, thereby creating more of a balance within the body and eliminating overactive hunger cravings. Reduction of hunger cravings ultimately results in low calorie intake which eventually results in burning out of stored and excess fat in the body and makes you appear slim.

No doubt, several Appetite suppressants available in the market definitely provides remarkable benefits when it comes to losing weight but doctors advise a word of caution here. No matter how efficient these suppressants are they lose their effectiveness after a certain period of time, which is why some individuals that use them state that their appetites remains the same over the course of prolonged usage. However, it depends on an individual’s age, current weight, type of dosage recommended and overall body immunity and resistance. Infact, the results obtained by consumption of these suppressants do minimize the hazards of obesity. Appetite suppressants does wonders when its combined with a healthy diet involving all crucial nutrients, rigorous exercises, healthy mental being, positive thinking and consumption of enough fruits and green vegetables .


It is well known fact that we resort to appetite suppressants only when we have been accustomed to a poor lifestyle since long and have become totally helpless when it comes to weight loss. Combining an appetite suppressant with a lifestyle that is filled with a balanced  diet and an exercise routine will allow your body the time required to adjust to the new lifestyle. A changed lifestyle will take time in yielding good results that includes a fit and well toned body but a strict adherence to certain dos and donts will make you less hungry in a natural manner.

Any appetite suppressants must be taken with proper consultation of medical expert only as it requires strict guidelines from a qualified doctor. While taking an appetite suppressant will assist in reducing food cravings, it does not mean that every individual will automatically lose weight. Nutritionists emphasize upon regular exercises that includes aerobics, yoga and deep breathing exercise to maintain the weight lost through suppressants.

Availability of various appetite suppressants in the market does add on to the chaos and confusion in the minds of consumers. And since it is the matter of weight control you wouldn’t want to invite any risk, would you?. Therefore it is important that consumers become aware of types of appetite suppressants available which includes through a prescription, over-the-counter synthetic, and over-the-counter herbal extracts.

Suppressing one’s appetite is the most challenging part when following a crash diet. Indeed, hunger is the most recurring natural human nature that can’t be ignored at all. Increased appetite does cause one to indulge in overeating and eventually weight gain. Just check which herbal supplements suppresses your appetite naturally and then proceed with its usage to reap the benefits.