How Brain Controls Appetite

Introduction And Background
If you’re thinking the appetite is controlled by the stomach, you’re pretty wrong. You should know that the brain controls almost all functions of the body and that it is responsible for the thing you call “appetite”. Your brain in fact tells you that you are hungry, your brain tells you to open the door to the refrigerator and it is your brain along with your taste buds which develop a thing for sweet, sugary stuff or perhaps something juicy and fattening. Thus, it is essential you know how the brain controls the appetite. It is good to have common knowledge of the human body and you can even learn of some appetite suppressing techniques. Read the article further to enhance your knowledge.

The Hunger Center In Brain
There is a part of the brain called the hypothalamus which is responsible for the appetite. The hypothalamus is located below the thalamus and is part of the diencephalon. You need not know these terms, it is just to explain the location of it in the brain. This is the part of the brain which is responsible for food regulation and water intake. The lateral region of the hypothalamus is the one which initiates the feelings of hunger and that is what leads to you eating more food. An interesting scientific fact for you; if the lateral region of the hypothalamus ends up being damaged, a person could actually turn anorexic! The person will face immense weight loss. Nonetheless, this does not mean one should damage it for weight loss (though it is highly unlikely one will be able to do so).

The Satiety Center In Brain
This you will find funny. The satiety center of the brain is also found in the hypothalamus. This time, it is the medial region. That region is the one which inhibits the uptake of food by sending signals to your body that it is not satisfied and need not eat any more. If this part of the hypothalamus is destroyed, the consequences will be weight gain of the ultimate kind. The appetite will be extremely voracious and not only that but extreme obesity will become inevitable this way. There is also the thirst center in the hypothalamus which is responsible for us feeling thirsty and not feeling thirsty.

Basically, the hypothalamus does all of this by the help of hormones. You need not know the entire process but you should know this; the hormones released are the ones which cause hunger pangs in the stomach and which enables you to turn to food to satisfy them. It is also the hormones which are released into the blood which make you feel as if you have eaten enough and need to stop now. Maybe in the future, one can actually control their hypothalamus by pressing a button! This way, everyone will be able to suppress their appetites! However, that doesn’t seem likely anywhere in the near future so sheer will power will have to do for now!

Why Is Appetite Suppression Important In Dieting?
You should think about it. Why could appetite suppression possibly be important in dieting? It is because appetite suppression is the key to weight loss. You cannot lose weight just by exercising! You have to have a certain amount of control on the food you eat. If you do not lessen the food you eat, you will never be able to lose weight. In order to use up the fat reserves for energy, you need to ensure that you are burning more calories than you are consuming. And this can only happen if you have suppressed the appetite!

How To Suppress The Appetite?
Damaging the hypothalamus is certainly not an option! It has many other functions to perform in the body other than controlling your appetite. There are numerous ways to suppress the appetite. You can drink water before every meal so you automatically begin to eat a little less than before as water has already filled your stomach. You can eat certain fruits and vegetables which have a lot of fiber in them. That means you will be full for longer and you will not be gaining many calories either. Another thing you could do is to ensure that you are eating a high protein meal for breakfast. It is one of the best ways to suppress the appetite. You eat nothing till lunch time this way. Protein takes a longer time to digest.

Isn’t it interesting, how the brain controls the appetite? How one single part of the brain is responsible for feeling hungry and feeling satisfied as well? Appetite control is pretty important for weight loss, you know that pretty well. Try to suppress the appetite and you will be on the perfect path to weight loss.