Hormonal Regulators Of Appetite (Hunger Hormones)

Introduction And Background
If you ever really wonder what is the reason behind your weight gain and your weight loss, the answer is very simple. It is your appetite. Your appetite is the reason behind all the weight you have been putting on, unless it is some sort of medical reason such as having thyroid problems. But that is not very common and usually obesity occurs because one is unable to control the amount of food that is consumed on a daily basis. Now, appetite is controlled by a lot of things, it is not just your wants and needs. There are chemicals the body, hormones in medical terms that can stimulate or regulate your appetite and also inhibit it. Read on further to find out more about the hormones, how they control the body and how you can use them in your favor.

What Are Hormones?
To understand how hormones affect the appetite, first understand what exactly hormones are. They are chemical substances, ligands if you may, that are released by several organs in the body to get certain functions performed. For instance, the most common hormone that everyone in the world has probably heard of, insulin is released in the body to turn glucose into glycogen for storage. Similarly, there are other such hormones in the body performing various functions. And some of them perform the function of controlling the appetite!

Hormones That Keep You Satisfied
By this, it means that the hormones which bring about satiety in the body so that you do not feel the need to take in more things! The hormones that do that are called leptin and ghrelin. These two hormones in the body play a very major role in controlling weight; otherwise you would keep on eating! Leptin is the hormone which controls the appetite whereas ghrelin is the hormone which signals the brain to tell your stomach and body that you are now full and do not need to eat anymore. If you’re thinking why these hormones are not taken on a regular basis for weight loss, it is because they have not been chemically devised as safe to have yet. However, stimulators of these hormones are present in certain foods. You can research and have these foods so that you can better control your appetite and reach satiety earlier than later.

Hormones To Regulate Appetite
As the hormone mentioned above, leptin plays a major role in regulating the appetite but there is a hormone which also plays a major role in regulating leptin itself. The hormone to do that is insulin. If there is secretion of insulin, which means that there is bound to be secretion of leptin as well after a bit through the adipose tissue by a reflex mechanism. You don’t need to get into the details of the mechanism but you should know that regulation of appetite through leptin is also somewhat controlled by insulin. This is the reason why when appetite is increased severely after a period of certain time where there hasn’t been any unusual activity, diabetes is known to be suspected. It could also be hyperthyroidism, especially in females who are more susceptible to this condition than men in most countries.

Understand Hypothalamus
The hypothalamus is the center in the brain which is responsible for all that is said above. It contains the nucleus which releases the hormones into the system and enables the body to control its hunger pangs and induce satiety after having had a proper meal. For controlling the sensations of hunger, appetite and satisfaction, it is the hypothalamus that is in control and ultimately responsible for any weight gain or weight loss.

Another Hormone To Keep A Watch Over
Another hormone that you can keep a watch over is cholecystokinin. This particular hormone is found in the gut and decreases motility which means that you are more likely to take shorter meals if this is being released. This may all sound very simple and you must be wondering why you do not take these hormones synthetically to reduce your weight but it is more complex than you think. There are a lot of other functions involved as well and it can majorly cause a havoc if one starts taking synthetic hormones just like that, unless they have been properly researched like the intake of estrogen and progesterone.

Hormones in the body are always there to perform a specific function and are released on a timely basis or in order of want. They are not found circulating in the blood just like that for no reason at all. Thus, there are regulators of appetite and there are hormones causing satiety in the system. After reading this article, hopefully now you are aware of some of them.