High Intensity Interval Training

Introduction And Background
This generation is especially crazy about training and workouts and they want everything to be absolutely perfect, down to the last squat or the last crunches. And there is nothing wrong with that. Workouts are healthy and they are actually a pretty good habit or hobby if one truly gets into it. High Intensity Interval Training also happens to be a workout which you’ll read about in this article. You will find out what it is, what it does, how many types are there and the need to know basis of it that you should have on your mind. Keep reading to answer all your questions.

What Is High Intensity Interval Training?
As said above, it is a workout. It is also termed as HIIT in the exercising world and is used as mostly cardiovascular type of exercise. This is a type of strategy that is developed in which one does strenuous aerobic exercises in short intervals of time. A single session of the HIIT exercise can range from about four minutes to forty! It all depends on how much you’re into it or how much time you are willing to spend. However, one thing you need to keep in mind about HIIT is that even though it is extensive and not for everyone, it still will not be the solution to your obesity problems. Exercise in general can of course help with weight loss but HIIT was designed more for controlling the blood sugar metabolism in the body as well as increasing stamina and athletic capabilities.

How Does One Do High Intensity Interval Training?
It is mostly composed of exercises that are designed to help you improve and build up your athleticism. It will start of gradually and then get more extensive as time passes. Like any other exercise regime, there is a time where you will warm-up followed by the extensive regime that has been planned out. After that, you will gradually decrease the workout to a normal one and then there is the cooling down period. The extensive workout, after the warm-up, should be done at high intensity, as the name suggests! The one that comes after it, the medium strenuous workout should be done at half the intensity because the intensive one should have the maximum output and you literally have to give your all in it. The HIIT training varies for everyone really and depends maximally on the development and integrity of your cardiovascular system. In some training methods, for those who can go through such extensions only, the moderate strenuous exercise can be a simple as a light jog or a stroll really. Since the entire thing can last for a little more than half an hour, forty minutes to be exact, it is simpler for people to turn to HIIT who are lacking time and who want to give their body the perfect and healthy combination of the perfect metabolism, especially handling glucose levels and metabolism of the body.

Types Of High Intensity Interval Training
There are types of high intensity interval training but the main ones that have been developed over the past few years are four, named mostly on the people who have developed the regime. There is:

  • Peter Coe Regimen:
    This method of short interval training was devised by Peter Coe for his son, early in the 70s. It involved a repetitive measure of 200m runs with only a thirty second break between the run.
  • Tabata Regimen
    This methodology was devised after learning about Olympic Speedskaters. Professor Izumi Tabata was the one to develop this regime and it mostly involved bicycling.
  • Gibala Regimen
    Martin Gibala, a professor in Canada, developed a pretty amazing exercise protocol on HIIT after doing extensive research.
  • Zuniga Regimen
    This regime was based on the factors of turning maximum work output with oxygen consumption in as little time as possible, which is the basis of HIIT really. Cadets mostly follow this regime to develop stamina and their body’s mechanism.
  • Timmon’s Regimen
    This is also another famous HIIT regime in which an exercise bike is used.

Know That…
Even though the duration of this regime is short, it is not as easy as it sounds. One can take time getting used to it and the recovery period is considered to be long. Most people often follow it about three times a week and very few think about doing it daily.

HIIT is an exercise developed after extensive research so if you are in the mood for something healthy and something that can have amazing cardiovascular effects on you, turn to HIIT. You will not regret it, especially after your body starts to feeling amazingly good and when your blood sugar level does not spike anymore. Control your high blood pressure with this even!