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Appetite Suppression: Good For Humans In More Ways Than One

Introduction And Background

Usually, people just want to suppress the appetite for one reason and one reason only; to lose weight. This is the major element behind working so hard to tighten up the stomach and making sure you eat less than usual. However, this is not the only benefit for appetite suppression. Read on to get even more motivated on trying to lessen that raging appetite of yours.

Why Is Appetite Suppression Beneficial For Health?

Appetite suppression is actually beneficial for health. If you look at the bigger picture, it makes helps you avoid many other things besides weight loss and helps in many other things besides steering clear of obesity. Here are some of them:
• A suppressed appetite ensures that your stomach and digestion system will never get more than they can handle.
• It will also ensure that you will not become lazy. Research shows that people who eat less stay more active than those who eat more than required.
• It keeps you fit, mentally as well as physically. The body does not get stretched due to obesity and no problems arise because of immense fat or sugar storage.
• Suppression of the appetite makes sure no problems occur such as constipation. Of course, drinking enough water with it is also necessary.
• It is the best way to control excessive hunger and makes you go long hours without thinking about food too much.
• A fit body and a flat stomach will boost your confidence level and self esteem.
• You are likely to live longer and a healthier life since weight control releases you from many diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cholesterol.
• Muscles don’t sag as you grow older.

How Can Appetite Suppression Make One Lose Weight?

Appetite suppression can bring about weight loss because the stomach size is reduced and you eat less which makes it possible to either maintain weight or lose weight. This is because your energy storage is being utilized for your actions since you aren’t eating that much. Appetite Suppression is the best way to lose weight. It has no side effects and makes weight gain after weight loss almost impossible which most diets can never guarantee. Other than that, you do not suffer from malnutrition because you are just suppressing the appetite and eating normal things otherwise.

How To Suppress The Appetite?

There are numerous ways of doing so. There are some foods that you eat that can suppress the appetite such as some special nuts and grapefruit. Other than that, drinking water before every meal is a great appetite suppressant but it takes time for the stomach to process this method and eat less. Green tea also suppresses the appetite and metabolises fat. There are some exercises that can help clench in the muscles of the stomach so that you don’t have to eat more than your stomach can bear.
But if these methods do not work or rather your tolerance level is not that great, there is always the choice of going with natural herbal appetite suppressant pills. True to their name, they are made from natural ingredients and are known to be the best at suppressing appetites. They are effective and safe with no side effects at all. They are not medicines or hormones that will alter your body somehow. They just work to make sure you eat less and don’t feel hungry, that’s all. The added bonus to all this, they aren’t very expensive either and are quite affordable for the common man. It is the best deal one can get; a naturally manufactured appetite suppressant.


Appetite suppression is an art and technique everyone must learn in order to achieve a healthy lifestyle and a slim body. It is necessary for weight loss as well because without eating less, there is no way a person can lose the extra pounds present. However, as mentioned above, weight loss is the only benefit behind appetite suppression. There are many more. And it is best if you adapt to either one that suits you because it is something that will help you in life; mentally and physically both.


Control to achieve your goal

Introduction and background

Some famous person once said ‘nothing that is worth having ever comes easy’. Now with these words, you would think of something academic or some sporting event where medals are to be won. You would never think of personal achievements and vendettas that have been overcome. This quote can well be used for all the dieters out there who have been facing the toughest time to achieve their goals. They have to suppress their appetite and exercise a control over their food cravings because this has become an acknowledged fact in the dieting circle; you cannot lose weight unless you control your appetite.

Why is controlling the appetite important?

It is important because without it, you cannot lose weight. Your appetite needs to be in check in order for the body to start burning all that stored fat that has been added to give you the extra pounds. There are just a few human beings who have such a fast metabolism that simple exercise can make them lose weight. For the rest of the normal ones, they have to stay away from fried foods and all the fast food outlets they love. Learning to control the appetite is a certain art. You have to know how to appease yourself, to think away from food. Further information is given below.

How to suppress the appetite?

Since the importance of controlling the appetite has been established, the question now arises how to suppress it? It isn’t easy and a little patience is required as well as bearing a few hunger pangs but in the end, the result is worth it. Here are a few ways in suppressing the appetite:
• Try eating less and less every day. If you have the time and are not in for a quick weight loss program, this will probably ensure that after you lose weight, you will not gain again. If you slowly reduce your appetite, it will take as much time to spring up again which you will hopefully not let happen.
• Try drinking water before eating a meal. It makes you feel full sooner and then you start eating less too. It is a natural appetite suppressant.
• Fill your stomach with non fattening foods that do not make you gain weight. Appetite is suppressed this way.
• Eat slowly. This makes your brain think you are eating more than required because it is taking you time. Digestion is also enhanced which enables a perfect circulation.
• Sit straight and pull the stomach in while eating. It is the stomach that controls the appetite. If its capacity is small, that means you will feel less hungry and be content with what you eat.
• Take a walk after a meal. It usually helps contain your stomach size.
• Learn to take interest in different things so that you do not have food on your mind all the time. For example, computer gamers and software developers are really thin people if you survey them. How is it possible since all they do is sit in one place in front of a computer all day long? That is because they are so engrossed in what they are doing, they forget to eat at times!
• Join a sport. Athletes will never let themselves get carried away with food. And even if you are not on the professional level, just the exercise and the playing will make your muscles of the stomach stricken.

Other ways to control appetite

If the above ways are not working as well as you intended them to, then the only thing left to do is turn to the best alternative that is present; herbal appetite suppressing pills. These pills are not your average weight loss strategic medicines. They are actually good for you in more ways than one. The pills are made of the most natural of ingredients and they are safe without any side effects. And they are actually effective! You are nourishing your body and adapting it to a healthier lifestyle with these pills. Eating within a certain constraint is healthy. Not making your stomach exceed its limit is healthy. So taking these herbal supplements is really beneficial. They are not that expensive either and are easily available and affordable.

Herbal appetite suppressants

Introduction and background

Controlling appetite is usually difficult for most people and impossible for some. Our bodies are elastic and have the capacity to store immense amount of fat so there is almost no limit to the mass that we may put up, this is highly dangerous and ignored by many people. Initially a person may suffer from various symptoms from over eating but if the same eating habits are followed over a longer period then it becomes the normal appetite. The body adapts to the new appetite and accordingly the metabolism is adjusted. Therefore it is extremely important to control and monitor our appetite before it is too late.

The herbal appetite suppressants will enable you to be the victor in the fight against appetite. A delicious but fattening meal will not be intensely tempting any more  Lately appetite suppressants have been in the lime light due to changing eating habits and the popularity of junk food.

Synthetic medication had its own side effects and also the associated superstitions of the conservative people, thus herbal appetite suppressants attract more people and are becoming increasingly popular by the day as more patients become over weight and obese. Herbal appetite suppressant are food grade supplements, these are made from various herbs as the name suggest. Appetite suppressants work as stimulants for reducing appetite. Such stimulants also help the heart and circulation.


Common appetite suppressants

Caffeine is an age old stimulant and is more commonly used as tea or in fizzy drinks. It infuses an energy jolt slowly and gives time to the bodies to adapt. This stimulant boosts metabolism and suppresses appetite and has with none or negligible side effects.
Bitter orange extract which contains synephrine is also a very common stimulant.
Hoodia which is widely known and marketed is a herbal appetite suppressant and a very strong hunger suppressor.
Green tea also helps in the metabolism and energy expenditure. Abdul Dulloo (University of Geneva, Switzerland) conducted a study and observed that participants experienced a 4% increase in the energy expenditure and oxidation due to green tea.
Dandelion flushes out kidneys, treats digestive problem and boosts metabolism.
Fennel Tea is another example of a natural appetite suppressant since it effectively removes mucus and fat present in the intestinal tract. It acts as a diuretic and consists of antioxidants, potassium, magnesium, calcium and vitamins B and C.
Licorice maintains the sugar level in blood and reduces the craving for sweet things. This sweet root satisfies our sweet tooth.
Siberian Ginseng tea also maintains the appropriate blood sugar levels which in turn control the craving for food and suppress appetite.


“Herbal” doesn’t always mean 100% safe. There are many herbs which are deadly and so there are many herbal suppressants which you should rather avoid. Such suppressants may contain herbal plants which have biologically active substances that may take a toll on your health to your health or may have detrimental or unpleasant side effects.
• Ephedra has side effects including aggressiveness, anxiety, increased heart rate and high blood pressure. Serious side effects are cerebral haemorrhage  strokes, or heart irregularities. Its use as an appetite suppressant for weight loss is banned by the FDA.
• Some merchants also sell fake pills on the Internet to cash in the increasing popularity of herbal suppressants. The key is to do your own research and choose  only those herbal supplements that come from a credible platform and have been classified as safe and effective.
• Green tea extracts contains chemicals, called catechins which are not very healthy. A cup of green tea is considerably better than consuming green tea extracts.
• Bitter orange extract may cause an increase in heart rate, shivers or trouble in sleeping especially if the same is combined with caffeine.
• Some pills are very easy to get addicted to because they give you energy and suppress your appetite, or because people become obsessed with losing weight.



Due to these very serious health risks, herbal appetite suppressants should only be taken if the patient is at a serious health risk because of weight. Or you have to keep to safe herbal supplements that have proved their effectiveness. Strong appetite control is especially needed when excessive appetite is linked to comfort eating. The herbal anti depressants suppress the need to over eat for short term comfort thus they decrease the need for appetite suppressants. Otherwise  there are quite a few good and highly recommended herbal appetite suppressants that can be found here.

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