Healthy Mind Leads To Healthy Body

Introduction And Background
Have you ever heard the phrase ‘You are what you eat’? Well, this has quite an amount of truth to it and many would be aware of that as well. If you eat a lot of oily foods and are high up on burgers, you would probably be facing some cholesterol problems which can adversely affect the heart, years from now if not now! If you eat fruits and vegetables quite regularly, it would show on your face and also on your body as well. It all depends on education too however, but not all depends on it. As children we are told to turn to green leafy vegetables and know how healthy they are but because of the taste we refuse to have them. As we grow up, we now know how really essential they are for our mind and body but again, we refuse to have them because we like fast food and steaks now. Thus, more than education, we need to get ahold of our stubbornness and that can come if we have a healthy mind. As you can see, a healthy mind leads to a healthy body!

Healthier Minds Will Eat Healthy
Those who have sound minds and also a lot of knowledge tend to exercise it in their lives as well. For instance, parents will probably have been just like their kids at that age, not eating anything and complaining about the vegetables on the table. But as parents, they have a sound knowledge of what kind of food is good for them and their child and they want to give it to the family as well. Hence, that is a sign of a healthy mind. Needless to say, healthier minds eat healthy and that obviously leads to a healthy body. You don’t ever see a person with the perfect diet have a case of osteoporosis or cholesterol problems now, do you? There could be special cases but let’s talk about the general population there!

You Will Go Out More
This is actually a fact. A healthier mind will tend to be more social and active and that person will not just laze around on the couch all day. Even after college or the office, that person would probably be looking to find something productive to do that might involve footwork. And thus, this is how a healthy body is achieved. A person who is active and is burning calories and is probably also taking care of their diet along with it, and even if they are not, will have a healthier body as opposed to a slow and depressed person who will probably be gaining weight with releasing stress hormones that will accumulate fat and even worse, cause a lot of medical problems to go with it. Thus, if you really want to do something about yourself, go out more. A healthier mind will go out more, maybe at a friend’s house to shoot some hoops or a walk alone in the park. But they will be found doing something which is terrific for the body. An active body is a healthier body and that comes from a healthy mind!

No Hormonal Imbalances
As mentioned above, there are chances of hormonal imbalances that one can face because of an unhealthy mind. You can have an increased release of the stress hormones that can adversely affect the body in numerous ways. You can be antisocial which can again cause trouble for the body because it will be on the couch all day long and you can even harm your body by not eating healthy because a depressed person is unlikely to take care of himself. You will often see depressed people binge eating and not concentrating on the healthier items which can really lead to many problems later on in life. A friend’s aunt was depressed and she gained about twenty kilograms in a span of a few weeks, which seemed quite impossible at first but if you ever saw her eat, you’ll know how it happened. She was not fond of any company and only liked to eat either chocolates or French fries in front of the television because it was the only thing that made her feel better at the time. It took a really long time to get her out of that depression and then she also lost the weight she had gained. Needless to say, in order to look after your body you first need to look after your mind.

A healthy mind does in fact lead to a healthy body and the above said must have proven all of it to you. Hence, feel happier and good about yourself and care about your looks too because it will automatically make you care about your body.