Green Tea Herbal Supplements: Are They As Good As Green Tea Itself?

Introduction And Background
Green tea is a word that everybody associates positively with. It is a herbal drink that is often found in households, particularly in Asian countries. This herbal drink has many uses and many benefits and is often used for different purposes, weight loss being one of the top three. Now, some people are not that fond of drinking tea but they still want to have the benefits of drinking green tea. There are supplements made for those people so that they do not suffer at the hands of their taste buds, just because they do not want to have the drink. Thus, this article will aim to explain whether or not green tea herbal supplements are as good as the original green tea itself.

Why Green Tea In The First Place?
Why is green tea a good thing in the first place? It cannot only be weight loss that is bringing people towards this herbal tea. The thing is, weight loss is just an added factor to what green tea really does. It aids diabetic people into making their health better and maintaining blood glucose levels. It has also shown to relieve cancer patients and those specially who are undergoing chemotherapy and of course the source of weight loss which is hyperlipidemia. And the coolest thing about green tea is that even in high doses or frequent drinking there really is no harm. It does decrease iron absorption a bit but then no one is telling anemic patients to have three to five cups of green tea per day. That wouldn’t be a smart move. Drink green tea but drink it moderately. It also improves digestion and you’ll notice people often drinking it after having a large meal so that they can ease the digestion process.

Supplements Of Green Tea
The market for supplements of green tea have really increased in the past decade. Not only do people want more of the supplements but the market capital for the leaves of green tea to make the supplements has also increased over the past few years. The supplements have active compounds in them such as polyphenols and are often sometimes decaffeinated which is good for the people who are trying not to have too much of a caffeine intake. Nonetheless, studies have shown that dry leaves release lesser organic substances than leaves in boiling water and it is the components from the dry leaves that mostly forms the supplements of green tea.

Not all supplement labels carry what they are saying they do. Sometimes, when capsules are tested, they do not have half the catechins that the cover says it does. This can come as a bit of a problem for those who are buying the supplements for the exact same thing. It can be a little deceiving and for that you really have to do your research to buy the perfect supplements for green tea so that in the near future there is no problem with your weight loss process!

But on the other hand…
Polyphenols in supplements have shown to have a greater effect than the ones present in brewed tea. The research done has on a countless number of times shown the same pattern of having higher polyphenol antioxidant activity in the people who took green tea supplements as compared to those who drank the brewed tea.

The Benefits Of Having Green Tea Supplements
Let’s face it, in this time and era no matter how much you want to take care of your health and whatever it is that you are doing, no one has the time to first boil the water on pot, put the leaves in and then leave them for five minutes so that everything is mixed perfectly and whatever was to be gotten from the leaves is gotten. Instead, people prefer to have green tea supplements because they give the exact same properties if not more. The absorption process is also quicker because the supplements are made this way.

So Is It The Same as Having Green Tea?
It is somewhat the same as having green tea because you are getting the full benefits of it. Some people think that having the original green tea is better and while they may be right in their own way, the supplements are as good as the tea itself.

Since both the things are good, either one is fine. If you have the time, make green tea yourself rather than buying supplements but if you do not have the time then it is better to buy the supplements and give yourself a little treat. It will really improve your health and also has the potential to make your hair and skin much better.