Greek Yogurt For Dieting

Introduction And Background
When you are starting to diet, you often make a list of things that you can have and that you cannot have. And then there is another list of must have foods which will be immensely good for the diet. There are many that can kick-start your metabolism, that can burn your fat or some foods that can stay in your stomach for longer which means that they will make you feel fuller for a longer time. Needless to say, you need foods like this and sometimes it just isn’t about eating less, it becomes about eating the right things. If you are having a burger, whether you have a quarter of it for lesser calories, they are still calories from carbs and fats as well as empty calories along with it. You might as well turn to something a little more nutritious than that in the already limited amount of food that you are planning on having.

Why Greek Yogurt?
Amongst all yogurts, most would definitely agree that Greek yogurt hold the highest amount of protein. And we all understand how important protein is. It is the building block of life, the nutrition you need the most and without it, the body can undergo obstacles in growth and development. There could be hair loss, there could be skin problems or healing problems as well. In other words, protein is very important and Greek yogurt seems to have a lot of that along with other things. So you can see why Greek yogurt would be on the top of the list. There are other reasons as well which you will read now:

  • You can control your hunger a lot better if you eat Greek yogurt. A lot of problems that are faced by people during the diet is self-control and being able to resist food when they are super hungry. There are several tricks to deal with that. Sometimes you drink water before a meal to fill up your stomach somewhat so that there is lesser space for food and the water generally also gives your hunger pangs a little relief. Another thing you can do is to eat Greek yogurt which means that you are giving your body healthy protein. Protein takes a longer time to digest in the stomach than any other nutrition and this means the food will stay in your stomach for longer. If you do the math, this also means that you can avoid your hunger pangs for longer which means you have better control on your hunger.
  • During dieting, it is very important that one fulfills their daily requirement of protein. Fats and carbs are reduced because of obvious reasons but every dietician, every nutritionists tells people to make sure they have protein in their diet. It is that important. This is where Greek yogurt comes in, especially for those who cannot eat a lot of meat all the time or can get sick of it. What they can do is, they can get some good tasting Greek yogurt for themselves and then gulp it down during dinner time or lunch time or even for breakfast. That is the thing with yogurt, you can have it anytime!
  • There are studies which show that Greek yogurt helps to burn fat and generally increases the metabolic rate. While there is a lot of substantial evidence pointing to it, there is yet to be a deliberate or solid announcement about it. However, most people in the dieting world fairly believe it and it has done them some good! Eating Greek yogurt might as well let you burn your fat faster!
  • When dieting, your muscles generally feel tired because they are not getting enough energy. This is another place where Greek yogurt acts. Not only does it stop muscle wasting but it also helps to maintain your protein and calcium levels in such a manner that you don’t really feel that lazy or tired anymore!
  • You can use Greek yogurt in various formats to get the protein intake that you require daily. If you don’t like eating it out of the bowl or cup, you can use it to make a smoothie for yourself or perhaps in some salad or with some special food. You can even have it with a strawberry. There are various options for you, from which you can choose easily according to your mood or will.

Surely, the question why Greek yogurt for dieting has been answered! Not only is the protein content high but you are also getting calcium and different vitamins from it. It is a healthy food, one which you should definitely be having in a diet, especially if you have gotten tired of eating lean meat or lentils or are a vegetarian. This is pretty good for vegetarians!