Good Source Of Potassium In Diet And It’s Importance

Introduction And Background
There are certain minerals which you need in your diet because they are instrumental in performing the daily functions of your body. For instance, we know that iron is extremely important because it has a role in blood development. If you have little iron in your diet that means you can be anemic and it is especially important for women to have iron-rich diets. In the same manner, calcium and potassium are instrumental in performing vital body functions as well, functions even like moving your finger or stretching your leg. In this article, we will specifically be talking about potassium and what is its importance and how necessary it is to have it in your diet.

Your Potassium
Doctors say that you need at least 4700 milligrams of potassium in your diet on a daily basis, if you want to meet the health requirement. However, there are many in the world that do not fulfill that daily requirement and it has adverse effects on health. Doctors have also stated that getting potassium in your diet is a lot better than eating potassium in supplements. However, if you aren’t getting potassium in your diet then supplements are the alternative.

Sources Of Potassium In Your Diet
It is essential to know what foods have potassium so that you can eat them or make sure they are in your daily diet somehow because potassium is a very important nutrient that your body needs to have. Here are some foods which are rich in potassium so the next time you have them, feel happy that you are also fulfilling your daily requirement.

  • Sweet potatoes have a lot of potassium in them but know that if you boil the potatoes, some of the potassium will be lost. Baked sweet potatoes have almost double the content of potassium as compared to boiled sweet potatoes.
  • Yogurt has potassium in it and there is yogurt present in almost every house. Ever feel the need to stock up on some potassium, open a carton and have a few bites. Some people have yogurt with their daily lunch as well which is a very healthy habit.
  • Orange juice also contains high contents of it.
  • Broccoli also has potassium although many will not feel too happy to hear it. Broccoli, a mountain of health, is not a favorite for quite a lot of people.
  • Bananas are probably the most famous source of potassium. Even a Grade 1 student would know that bananas have potassium in them, even if he is unaware of what potassium is and what is its’ importance!
  • Milk is famous for calcium but also know that it has the K stuff going on as well!
  • Salmon, tuna and fish are just some protein meals which have this element.

The Importance Of Potassium
Potassium is a very important element, as said above, instrumental in performing vital body functions. Without it, there will be some serious defects in the body and they will become evident sooner than later. Potassium keeps a check over blood pressure, did you know that? It lowers your blood pressure which is better because high blood pressure is known for causing strokes and heart attacks. Potassium also helps in getting rid of the excess sodium present in the body which is causing fluid retention and also imbalances the fluid system in the body. It is this element which helps against kidney disease and boosts brain power as well. Studies have shown that if you are taking in the average daily requirement of potassium, your brain is likely to function better than most.

High Levels Of Potassium Though…
However, you need not go crazy on potassium rich foods and supplements after reading this article. If you are fulfilling the daily requirement, that should be enough. Having too much potassium can cause heart problems and not only that, it can cause muscle irritability as well. People have also reported to have intestinal problems but the main factor lies in the muscle, where tingling and numbness has also been reported. If you feel you are getting enough potassium in your diet, there is no need to go and ingest supplements too. You will be fine with fulfilling it by the dietary way.

You now have the list of good sources of potassium and most of them are easily accessible and are found in almost every household. Thus, meeting your daily requirement of potassium should not be a problem and try to actually meet it though diet sources. Supplements are a good option if you know that you cannot meet the requirement but if you feel that you can, there is no need to turn to supplements. You might even end up giving yourself too much potassium which, as you can see, has disadvantages.