From Farm To Table: How One Teen’s Garden Is Feeding Hundreds Of Hungry Families

Introduction And Background
What does farm to table really mean? It means that the food that one is getting on their table is directly and naturally provided by farms. It does not go through any processes or any other companies or factories because it is fresh and not at all processed. This article will aim to discuss the story of a single teen who managed to feed hundreds of hungry families through the idea and concept of farm to table, giving the needy what they need right from her own garden. And it all started with a school contest…

The Wonder Girl
Katie Stagliano, the wonder girl whose small idea turned into something so beneficial, could not comprehend that her small plantation could actually prove to be so fruitful someday. She grew a forty pound cabbage for a contest at school and suddenly turned it into a non-profit plan in which vegetables are grown for the sole purpose of feeding the hungry and poor through channels of soup kitchens and shelters present. Nowadays, she manages next to twenty gardens in which normal vegetable are grown, along with her own garden. She hopes to expand even further than that someday.

It All Started With A Cabbage…
Her family was into gardening so it became a sort of passion for her as well. She started of simply with tomatoes and a lettuce, calling her garden a salad garden for the most part. The seventh grader had no ambitions as such to feed the poor but since it struck her as something she could do, she did it. So how did it happen? It is an interesting story really. When she was in the third grade, there was a contest at her school in which there was a prize money of a thousand dollars. All one had to do was grow cabbage since it was under Bonnie Plant’s third grade cabbage program. Katie, who remembers the contest pretty well, said she treated the cabbage like any other plant in her garden. But it kept growing, more so than any other plan and soon it was over forty pounds. Of course, she was the grand winner because of her forty pound cabbage but even after giving it to friends and family, there was still much of it left. That is when the brainstorm hit her! She mentioned that her dad would tell them not to waste any food because there were people in the world who were not as lucky as they were and that was when she thought why not donate this cabbage to the people who would need it? Her mother was quite proud of her, reminiscing how Katie used to treat the cabbage as if it were her own child and that it just kept growing bigger and bigger after that. Katie took some online help and pretty soon, there were needy people enjoying her cabbage.

An Action Was Taken
After seeing how beneficial this was, Katie actually went to her school board and convinced them with the help of the student body to a lot a certain area for a garden. She has help from all the students to manage it as well and as we know it, Katie runs about six gardens in South Carolina all of which donate their crops to the soup kitchens or shelters or anywhere needy. Aside from the six present in her home state, there are eleven other gardens which she is responsible for though doesn’t not run, in the states around.

A Cook As Well!
Gardening and tending to her vegetables is not all this wonder girl does, she is fond of cooking as well! She runs a website called which have quite a number of recipes that one can utilize to cook vegetables. She has also appeared in a TV show where she teamed up with a chef to cook a meal for a family in need, on an episode of Everyday Health.

For The Future
Katie is an inspiration to everyone around her and she hopes that other children will follow suit to make this world a better place to live in. She advises that one start small and remain focused on the ulterior goal and not to get too ahead of themselves. Things will get easier. However, she maintains her bigger goal which is to feed the hungry families around and help her community. You can also donate by helping her but she’ll be happy even if you give a helping hand. Katie hopes that in the future there will be more kids who will join in on the plan and hope to help make the community a better and healthier place to live in.