Five Exercise Workouts That Are Bound To Make You Lose Weight

Introduction And Background
Exercise is an essentiality if you are looking to lose weight. Some people think that exercise is not as important as appetite suppression or dieting. They are actually right. If you look at it, appetite suppression is what makes you lose weight. If you don’t eat that much and then exercise, you will be burning more calories than you are taking in which equals to weight loss. But if you are only exercising and not controlling your diet and eating what you wish for, then it is highly unlikely that you will lose weight. However, there are five exercise workouts that are definitely bound to make you lose weight, provided you control a little on your diet as well.

This is the most common of exercises and almost everyone has heard of it and knows how to do it as well. Push-ups are actually quite famous and they are for the arms, chest and the shoulder. A lot of people have problems with the fact that they are able to reduce weight from their legs and butt but they are unable to do something about the arms and the upper back. Well, this is there answer! They can do push-ups in a set of 20 reps and then repeat it again after resting for two to five minutes. It is bound to make you lose weight because a lot of energy is required and you will surely be burning a lot of calories.

If you hate the belly fat and cannot stand it anymore, crunches are what you should do. It focuses on the abdominal area and in fact, if you do crunches regularly while heaving eggs for breakfast, you will lose weight around the belly really quickly. It will be visibly reduced in about two weeks. Crunches do at first give you a few aches but after a day or two you get used to it. If you want to pull that stomach in and look slim and smart, this is the exercise for you. And as for the eggs, they contain a protein in them which helps burn belly fat. The combination is perfect!

Almost everyone in the gym and exercise world will recommend this exercise to you if you want to burn fat around the thighs and the butt. Squats are actually well known and are the unanimously approved exercise for firming up the lower area and losing weight from it. They are easy to do and one can do them almost everywhere, even while working. Imagine a house wife who does not find time to exercise. She can easily do squats in the kitchen, in-between cooking. It is fairly easy to accommodate squats into your schedule. You can do them for ten minutes even before sleeping. They are effective even if done for a short amount of time. But the key is to do them regularly.

These are solely for the legs and lunges can actually help you to lose weight around that area too. They are a little tiring to do but they are very effective, especially in terms of weight loss. A workout of lunges will make you feel the difference just after two to three days, if you have done them extensively.

This workout will never get old. A good old jog means you are using almost every muscle in your body which will obviously mean a good burning of calories. And jogging is fun to do as well, much more than all the other exercises. This workout is a lot harder to do than the other exercises because one has to actually find the time and the area to jog. That can lead to many people giving up on it but once people get into the habit of jogging daily, they do not let go.

Control Your Diet
These exercises are bound to make you lose weight, especially from the areas they are meant for but the thing is, you have to control your diet as well. If you are eating less and then doing these workouts, the results will be fast and you will be happy with the progress. If you are still eating a lot and then doing these workouts, you will lose a little weight but only gradually and it might not even be visible.

Exercise is essential, not only the diet. If you do these five exercises, you will be astonished with how fast you are able to lose weight. These five exercises not only get you to the achieved goal, they also ensure that you are healthy. Exercising is excellent for health and often improves the stature of the inside of your body. Work hard and exercise even harder!