Filling Up On Fiber

Introduction And Background
The word fiber is not a stranger to those who are dieting or are beginning to diet or want to diet. The nutrient fiber is usually associated with either the old who are trying to watch their foods because of having heart conditions or any other such disease or those who are trying to lose weight. And fiber really helps too. If you are a dieter and don’t know the blessings of fiber, you should consider yourself unlucky and should get down to reading more about it immediately to get all the advantages of it that you can. This article aims to explain a little of that to you and how you can fill yourself up on fiber and get on the quick road to weight loss!

The Need To Suppress The Appetite
Before you can understand the importance of fiber, you need to understand the importance of appetite suppression. This is one thing that will definitely get you to lose weight and that is what you are looking to do, isn’t it? People often think that exercise will do it and that it is the key to weight loss. While it may help immensely in the process, the key is actually to suppress the appetite. It does not matter how much you exercise or how many hours you put in the gym, if you are not cutting down on what you eat, you will mostly be toning your body and maintaining your weight, not losing it. It is necessary for you to reduce your portions and reduce your appetite because in order for you to start burning body fat and shedding those pounds, your calorie intake has to be lesser than the calories you are burning in a day. And guess what? Fiber can help you suppress the appetite.

The Blessings Of Fiber
Fiber is looked at as a blessing by those who are trying to lose weight and are desperately trying to find something to eat that will not make them fat and will get rid of the hunger pangs that are constantly felt in the stomach. And other than that, fiber has a major role to play in health related matters for the long term. There are a lot of diets that encourage their followers to eat fiber rich foods and to stock up on items that contain fiber in case they feel hungry. Why is that so? Here is why:

  • Fiber helps to regulate blood sugar levels and avoid spikes that can either accommodate and appreciate the storage of fat or drive you crazy with hunger, depending on which direction the spike goes. Those foods which contain fiber can massively help in making sure that your glucose level in the blood is regulated and there is unnecessary involvement of insulin which can also affect the appetite and fat storage.
  • Cholesterol levels are also improved if you eat a lot of fiber as it can inhibit the absorption of cholesterol in the blood. So if you have cholesterol problems, look towards fiber.
  • It is extremely filling and can keep you content for a good number of hours which can make the need to snack up on food other than mealtimes go away. Filling up on fiber is what you should do!
  • Those who are dieting often experience constipation as they are not eating their regular things which can lead to discomfort and a change in pattern of passing stool. Fiber can fix that as it adds bulk to the stool and also enhances peristalsis, making one’s digestive problems go away.
  • Since fiber cannot be broken down by the enzymes in your system, this means that they release the least number of calories so you ought to feel safe in that department!

Fiber-Rich Foods that Fill You Up
Like all other nutrients presents in almost every other food, fiber is also present in minute or large amounts in most foods. However, you should know about the foods that contain the highest amount of fiber! Here you go:

  • Bran items such as oats, wheat, rice as well as corn are high in fiber and should be on the top of your list for eating if you want to fill yourself up.
  • Beans, especially kidney beans, are also rich in fiber and also have high protein content. You have a win-win situation with this one.
  • Fruits, especially passion fruit as well as apples and oranges are considered to be one of the best choices for fiber-rich foods.
  • Almost all vegetables, green leafy ones, have high fiber content.

Fiber is healthy in all matters of life. Whether you are facing constipation, heart disease or are in desperate need to lose weight, fiber will help in all these matters. All you have to do is have it in your diet.