Fiber – The Beautiful Satisfier In A Diet

Introduction And Background
When in a diet, we so desperately try to find a type of food which satisfies our cravings and helps to keep the hunger pangs at bay while not giving us many calories in the first place. And there is only one nutrient of food that does that and it is fiber. Fiber is literally the beautiful satisfier in a diet and not only that, it helps to keep other problems away as well, ones we can face easily in a diet. This is the reason why most diets, actually all the diets, recommend high fiber foods and entail you to get them and have them lying around in the kitchen all the time so as to benefit your diet and make it successful and less painful! This article will tell you all about fiber and how you can benefit from it, especially during diet.

The Best Fact About Fiber
Fiber is actually the bulk in your food, the part which remains undigested and is not absorbed through the body. In fact, it is excreted and forms the stool that you pass. This means that fiber gives you very little calories but actually is taken out from the body while making you feel full. It also acts as an appetite suppressant. This is the main reason why fiber foods are considered to be one of the best in a diet and this is also why most people recommend high dietary fiber to suppress the appetite because you eat fiber, you feel full and wonderful and get minimum calories, hence reduced appetite and weight loss ahoy!

Maintenance Of Weight
We often give too much importance to the process of weight loss and do not concentrate on what comes after; having to maintain that weight loss. Usually, people gain their weight back in a matter of months or years because truth be told, it is easier to gain weight after you have rapidly lost it. Fiber can help you there too. It maintains your weight and also does not let it on if you stick to high fiber foods after you are done losing weight and keep it as a part of your daily diet somehow. And it is not that difficult either, there are various foods which have fiber in them. In fact, even if you want to go get some manufactured products from the grocery store such as bread or cereal or anything really, high fiber foods boast of having fiber in them on the boxes so you won’t even be confused then.

Diabetes Risk At A Minimum
Diabetes is become quite common and is a pretty serious medical condition because those who are diabetic have to take really good care of their diet. And if they are on medication of insulin, then they really have to be specific! However, in order to reduce the risk of this condition, especially if it is prevalent in the family and the genes are strong towards it, you should think of having fiber in your diet more often than you do already. Fiber actually maintains the sugar levels in the blood and avoids any spikes which can cause tumultuous effects later in life if this keeps on progressing. And of course, weight also affects the risk of diabetes so if you’re maintaining that too with the help of fiber, you’ve got it all set.

Reduced Risk Of Heart Disease
Did you know that fiber helps to take up the extra cholesterol that is present in your system and that will make your arterial system better, no? Since cholesterol is well known for arterial deposition and clogging, this means that the chances of heart disease are reduced if you are really good on having fiber in the diet. Don’t take this tip too lightly. Heart disease is becoming extremely common now and at least person in every family has some sort of heart condition which is most commonly higher levels of cholesterol which can lead to atherosclerosis, a life threatening condition. Hence, beware!

High Fiber Foods
The high fiber foods are pretty commonly found. In fact, you can find fiber in many fruits and vegetables, mostly apples and bananas as well as all the green leafy vegetables. Berries are also known to be pretty high in fiber foods! And who does not love berries?

As you can clearly see, fiber is something to have. You not only lose weight with it but you also learn to maintain weight with it. And the story does not end there. It is also beneficial for your health in ways you surely never fathomed before! Thus, make sure you stock the kitchen with high fiber foods if you want to live a healthy and happy life without any constipation problems – yes, fiber helps to deal with that too!