Few Large Meals Versus Frequent Small Meals – Which One Is Better?

Introduction And Background
This debate has been going on for quite some time now and a lot of people have tried it out and reached a certain conclusion which we will get to by the end of this article. There are lots of men and women who are in the habit of eating a lot of frequent small meals while some stick to the old age policy of having breakfast, lunch and dinner with nothing in between other than tea or coffee. But since the population of both types of parties is not that small to decide, which one is better then? Read the article further to acquaint yourself with the benefits and disadvantages and know for yourself which one is better for you.

Advantages Of Few Large Meals
There are many advantages of having few large meals and you can read some of them below:

  • It is the traditional and most beneficial method of having your food. Fixed mealtimes are terrific and once you get into the habit of them, they are also good for your family and social health as well. Families get to sit down and eat together properly at mealtimes, especially if they are so few and are considered to be large.
  • When you have fixed mealtimes, it puts everything into order. You do not eat snacks in between and wait for the proper mealtime. You also make sure that breakfast is done properly which is the most important meal of the day. It is one of the things that can’t be avoided. It is the fuel to your day and probably what keeps you away from eating junk till lunchtime.
  • When you eat few large meals, this means that you are not in the habit of munching away after every few hours and you are in the habit of waiting for your mealtime which is the way it should be.
  • Your appetite remains fairly stable with few large meals.

Disadvantages Of Few Large Meals
Well, not everything about it can be good now, can it?

  • If you have a busy routine, sometimes you skip a meal and don’t think much about it but don’t eat anything else either because you are used to mealtimes only. This can cause deficiencies in your body. You might not be eating the right nutrition at other times and even the slightest of vitamin deficiencies can affect your body in an adverse manner.
  • Sometimes you get hungry and eat small meals along with the large meals which can ultimately lead to weight gain which is something no one wants!

Disadvantages Of Frequent Small Meals
Small meals are in fashion now and many think that they lead to sure shot weight loss. Well, they need to think a little about it before pursuing this manner of eating for weight loss purposes.

  • Having frequent small meals can get you into the habit of always being in the mood to eat. How many meals can you have in a day even if they are small? Five or six? They are not that good for your health and small meals can also means that you are perhaps not eating the right things in the right amount.
  • It can increase your appetite for food and your stomach will rarely be empty for longer than one or two hours which is not how the body should work. And if you are eating frequent small meals, that means your body will utilize fresh food for energy rather than diving in your fat stores which means poor weight loss.
  • You get used to snacks and stuff in frequent mealtimes too and sometimes you forget how many meals you have had which is definitely not a good thing!

Advantages Of Frequent Small Meals
But every cloud does have a silver lining now, doesn’t it?

  • Frequent small meals that your body’s metabolism probably won’t slow down while you are having these meals and that could mean good things, especially if you are eating the right kind of things and want to lose weight.
  • You can keep a control on your stomach size but not eating a lot all at once and dividing it into meals so that the stomach does not expand.

Having few large meals is the better option. The disadvantages of having frequent small meals can lead to a terrible habit of eating all the time or always munching on something and one cannot plan a lot of healthy meals all throughout the day. But they can still manage to plan healthy for about three large meals a day. Hence, the tale that is as old as time of having breakfast and lunch and dinner, it is better that you stick to that. It is more beneficial for you.