Fat Binder vs. Appetite Suppressants vs. Fat Burners

Introduction and background

With so many weight or fat loss products available in the market, it’s often very tough for a weight-conscious customer to choose a product that could “best” match his / her needs.

For the sake of your simple understanding and convenience, following is a simple classification of the most common weight loss products available in the market today.

A simplified classification of weight loss products


1-Appetite suppressants

Very often, the biggest challenge when it comes to weight loss is controlling your appetite as if you can control your appetite, you can prevent overeating and you can lose weight easier. There are many appetite suppressants and some are much better and safer than others, some are all-natural and some are some are less expensive. The key to finding the right choice is to do some research.

Apart from natural dietary solutions to control appetite (e.g. vegetables, juices, fruits etc.,) appetite suppressants can be further subdivided into two types:
1- Prescription-based diet pills: Diet pills work “artificially” to suppress the “natural” feeling of hunger and, therefore, have their own limitations and drawbacks. Most importantly, most of these pills cannot be taken without doctor’s prescription and have low safety profiles. That’s why, their use can be considered only if advised by the doctor.

Examples: Phentermine (Ionamin), Meridia or Reductil (Sibutramine), Xenical (Orlistat)

2- Over the counter appetite suppressants: For those who do not go for all-natural appetite suppressants, another best option is of over the counter appetite suppressants. These are generally safe and cost-effective and give you numerous other health benefits as well. However, due to wide variety available in the market, it’s relatively tough to choose one that will suit you the best.

Phen375– A perfect appetite suppressant
Phen375, one of the safest over the counter appetite suppressants, consists of soluble fibers that become highly viscous when they bind with bile acids during food digestion. This creates a highly viscous solution to slow down digestion and the absorption of food. Your stomach would then find the viscous solution a lot harder to digest, causing it to remain in the stomach far longer than an ordinary meal usually would. This gives you a feeling of being full for much longer and will suppress your appetite and food cravings.

2-Fat binders (Fat blockers)

Fat binders can help you lose weight by binding the fat in the food you eat. A fat binder is a supplement that actually prevents saturated fats from being absorbed by the digestive system. It’s beneficial in preventing some fat from being absorbed by your body, so fewer calories need to be burned off in order to lose weight fast.

Proactol – A fat binder
Besides from being a powerful appetite suppressant, Proactol mainly acts as a strong fat binder. As it includes both soluble fiber and non-soluble fibers, it acts as a double-edged weapon in both managing and controlling your weight.

For example, the non-soluble fiber binds with over quarter of dietary fats in your stomach and prevents these fats from getting absorbed into your body by forming a fluid gel around fats. These fats become too large to be absorbed by your body. Meaning, you could still be able to eat the food (in moderation) you love and still lose weight.
Similarly, the soluble fiber can help slow down your digestion, as well as the glucose absorption abilities of your body, helping you to feel fuller for a longer period of time after you have eaten. This way, your food cravings will be reduced and your appetite will be suppressed.

3-Fat burners

A fat burner boosts the metabolism and focuses the body’s energy burners on fat rather than other sources of fuel. They can be further subdivided into the following types:
1- Thermogenics: They enhance the metabolic rate and body’s temperature. Often these will contain ingredients such as ephedra (banned and now withdrawn from the market), yohimbe, and caffeine. The most noticeable side effects with these supplements include an increased heart rate, feelings of jitteriness and nervousness and anxiety.

2- Carbohydrate blockers: They block the digestion of any foods eaten that contain carbohydrates and hence this results in “low calorie consumption”. However, it can also lead to “starvation”.

3- Appetite blockers: They simply suppress / inhibit your appetite and are especially for those dieters who struggle more because they are just simply hungry or have cravings for certain types of foods.

Fat burners are not regulated by the FDA so companies can put whatever herb, vitamin, or mineral in them as long as the substance isn’t illegal. While several fat burners have been shown to be effective for weight loss, they may have negative side effect such as rapid pulse, increased blood pressure, constipation, nervousness, sleeplessness, and lack of appetite.
Fat burners might help you lose some weight in the short term, but once you stop taking them you run a high probability of gaining the weight back, especially if you aren’t following a healthy eating plan and moderate exercise program.
Common examples of fat burners: Fenphedra, Lipofuze, Apidexin etc.
In short, the above-mentioned categories do give you a fundamental outline as you plan to choose the best suitable weight loss supplement for yourself. However, common sense does tell you to go for a product that is not just an effective fat binder but could also work as a potent appetite suppressant.