Can exercise suppress your appetite?

Introduction and background

Contrary to the popular belief, regular and proper physical activity does not necessarily make you hungry. In fact, interestingly enough, the new research and published scientific studies are now suggesting that quite the opposite could be true. The new evidence is increasingly suggestive of the fact that performing regular physical activity (exercise or workouts) can actually help you control or curb your desire to eat more for longer duration of time. The following article is intended to highlight the same in an interesting manner. Read on to discover more:


Explanation of how exercise controls your

It might seem strange to many but it’s true; exercise can actually “teach” your body how to get used to the intense physically activity while not eating much. What actually happens is that your body’s vital systems become “used to” regular workouts and activity and calorie expenditure without eating much and frequently. In other words, your body learns to spend more and consume less.
According to the world-acclaimed book known as “Smart Medicine for Healthier Living” exercise can actually reduce your appetite by directly affecting an era in your brain known as “hypothalamus” and appetite-controlling centres.
“The appetite-control center of the body is the hypothalamus, or ‘appestat,’ the portion of the brain that tells the body when it is hungry and when the stomach is full. The appestat’s hunger signals are triggered by specific levels of certain substances in the blood, including glucose, serotonin, noradrenaline, adrenaline, and dopamine. Physical activity reduces the levels of the hunger-stimulating chemicals that cause the appestat to start the stomach growling for food, and increases the levels of the chemicals that signal to the appestat that the body is humming along at peak efficiency and doesn’t require food. In fact, research indicates that exercise can inhibit hunger for as long as six hours after a high level of physical activity” (Zand, Spreen and LaValle).


Benefits of exercise-based appetite suppression

  • It comes without cost i.e. it is completely free and can save you a lot of money.
  • You not only suppress your appetite in a natural and safer way but can also lose weight successfully and in a completely natural way
  • It also tones up your muscles and increases the vitality and vigour of your body
  • Helps increase your body’s self defence and immunity
  • Helps reduce the risk of high blood cholesterol, obesity, heart disease, arthritis and diabetes
  • Also has anti-anxiety and ant-depressive effects

Some examples of appetite-controlling exercises

Appetite or hunger blocking exercises are not really weird or unique. Also, you don’t need to join a fitness club or a gym to practice these. All you need to do is just reserve 30 minutes out of your daily schedule for simple activities like jogging, running, brisk walking, swimming, tread milling, or bicycling. You can choose and practice one or more of these workouts on daily basis.


Is there a way to boost the appetite-suppressing effect of exercise?

Once you learn to suppress your body’s hunger and appetite the natural way via exercise, its effective “maintenance” can be achieved by incorporating a safe and effective natural herbal appetite suppressing supplement or a natural diet pill. There are quite a few good time-tested and recommended herbal diet pills that can actually augment the hunger-controlling effect of exercise. Many dieters and weight losers have been able to control their optimal body weight by using and combining these supplements with regular and proper physical activity. With no reported side effects and most economical, affordable costs, these supplements can turn out to be as effective as the diet itself in controlling your appetite.