Eat Less But Frequently – Secret Of Dieting

Introduction And Background
Have you ever noticed the routine of people nowadays? It is the twenty first century and almost every family has to find a day where everyone sits together and eats a meal at a specific meal time. Otherwise, the members are so busy snacking on other stuff while they are at school or at work or even if they are just busy at a friend’s place. The people of this century are bent on “snacking” and it has become quite uncommon to sit down and eat at proper meal times. Breakfast would be done in a rush with having a chocolate bar an hour later. Lunch time could be anytime and eating after that as well is common. Dinner is sometimes avoided if one is too tired. What has all this eats less but frequently routine done? What affect has it had on our weight?

Nutritionists Favor This Idea
It might come as a surprise to you all but nutritionists actually favor this idea. They think that it is perhaps the best idea to eat less and frequently rather than rely on three large meals daily. Eating a large meal at one time means that you are putting too much pressure on your digestive system all of a sudden which isn’t good for the body or for your coping system. It also makes you lazy all of a sudden and makes you want to lie down rather than feel energetic. Eating small meals throughout the day will ensure that our body system is up and running and this puts little pressure on the digestive tract. Another reason why nutritionists say that one should stick to smaller meals around the day is because it gives us more nutrients that way. With the three meal system, it basically the same foods that we are eating which tend to be rice or chicken or some sort of other meal. With snacking, one tends to eat fruits and other variables which give us more nutrients than usual.

Increasing Number And Smaller Portions
Increasing the number of times you eat daily and sticking to smaller portions could be the key to your dieting. If you are in need of losing weight, you should look towards this technique as well. Smaller portions are something an obese person would really detest and if you can make yourself in the habit of taking it, then there is something to look forward to! It promotes health, energy levels and also keeps you away from having high cholesterol levels or sugar problems. One shouldn’t eat a lot in one go anyway. For instance, if you had an entire sandwich during lunchtime before, you can cut it in half and have one half then and the other half sometime later. This will actually decrease your appetite a little and also give you enough encouragement to eat less at one time.

Research has shown that people who had six meals as opposed to three meals a day had sufficiently lower cholesterol levels. There is also evidence to suggest that those people who eat more frequently throughout the day in smaller portions are more prone to staying fit than those who are used to the three meals a day routine. Three meals a day is fine, don’t think it isn’t. But then one tends to eat a lot when they have on mind that the next meal is so many hours away. It is better to divide your eating time so that your stomach and brain do not get to you.

Metabolism Effect
The truth is, even your metabolism needs fuel to start up. Why do they say that your metabolism is slowest while you are asleep? It is because you are not working and also not eating anything! If you keep eating something throughout the day after regular intervals, your metabolic rate will also speed up and work at a steady rate, a rate you would actually like.

Curb The Appetite
Rather than always being in the mood to have an appetite for a huge meal, train yourself to curb the appetite by sticking only to what you are about to eat, even if the portion is smaller. Hunger is controlled in this manner and it has a direct positive affect on your appetite; it makes it smaller!

Eating less but frequently, as you can clearly see, is perhaps the secret to dieting. Maybe you should try it out and see how it is. You should exercise too of course. But keep in mind that this routine isn’t for everyone. Either do it properly or don’t do it at all. No one would suggest that an obese person eat a large meal six times a day! If you can curb that appetite of yours, try out this method!