Does eating late makes you gain weight?

Introduction and background

There is a lot of speculation surrounding whether or not eating late makes you gain weight. Some people seem to think that this habit makes no difference, while others swear that it wrecks their physique. The secret to avoiding the negative effects of this late night eating habit has nothing to do with the time in which you do it. In fact, how your body reacts to eating late at night has everything to do with the foods you choose and your level of physical activity in the days following.

Choosing Quality over Quantity

Most people enjoy a light breakfast in the morning and then get on with their day, reserving the bulk of their caloric intake for their mid-day lunch and evening supper. This may be why so many people think that eating late has such a negative effect on weight loss goals, because a small meal in the morning just does not seem to be doing any harm. Still, not everyone who eats their daily meals in this manner has a weight problem; so, the only thing that could be causing the problem is the foods being chosen and in what quantity.

Get a Move on

Think about it: when you eat late at night you are typically going to choose quick snacks that are high in fats, sugars, and sodium. If you do not work off those calories the following day then they will become stored in your body as unwanted fat. And regardless of whether you eat healthy foods or junk foods late at night, not getting the proper amounts of exercise during the day will eventually make you start to gain weight. So, you have to teach yourself to eat the bulk of your calories when your body is active and less when you are inactive. If you must snack at night, then you should be choosing light foods and you should be planning a lot of activity for the following day.


Having your Cake and eating it too

Snacking late at night is something that most of us enjoy; and we are not likely to give up those small joys in our lives if we don’t have to. Choosing a light, healthy snack at night is a great way to kill two birds with one stone: quench your munchies itch and maintain your waistline at the same time. Sometimes, we can confuse hunger pangs with simple thirst. If you find that you have a hard time controlling your cravings or appetite late at night, opt for a tall glass of water first and then see how you feel after that. This will allow you to maintain a healthy weight while going to bed with a satisfied belly.


Every single organ in your body has its own clock by which it maintains its functions. Disrupting those clocks because of irresponsible or careless eating habits will eventually cause problems with your ability to metabolize correctly. Because of this, eating late makes you gain weight.