Do Treadmills Really Help You To Lose Weight?

Introduction And Background
With advancement in technology and with increasing knowledge about the human body and how it works, the question has often risen about old things and whether or not they are actually good for us or have we been on the wrong track for so many years. But the item in question here right now is the treadmill and whether or not will it make us lose weight. The article will explain about the treadmill and why people doubt it somewhat nowadays and whether or not it really is good for weight loss purposes or have we been duped by an invention that swept us off our feet initially. Read on further and get the answers to all these questions.

Why Do People Doubt The Treadmill?
There are various reasons as to why people doubt the treadmill. Number one reason for doubting it is the joint pain that people sometimes experience after they use the treadmill a lot. There is a tension on the knee joint while walking and the movement of feet are also not what they should be. The entire gait process becomes just a little more complicated on the treadmill which, over time, tends to take its toll. Don’t be afraid of it though, if you have a really good treadmill which is designed to overcome all these factors, there is nothing to worry about really. But the general consensus of a treadmill not being an ideally healthy machine is pretty much there.

Do Treadmills Help To Lose Weight?
Yes they do. That is the simple answer. You are walking on the treadmill, you are working out and burning calories and if you are dieting as well, it will obviously lead to weight loss. However, that is not the question that one should be asking. The real question is how much weight a treadmill can make you lose? Does it burn more calories than the normal walking process? Truth is, it doesn’t. People who walk on the treadmill usually hold the sides of it which means that some of the body weight is being supported by the arms and that means less energy is being used to walk. So yes, treadmills can help you to lose weight but there is a lot more that you should know about them. They do not burn as many calories as you think they do and in fact, walking is a much better option. Why not walk on the road or in the park or even in your garden if you can?

The Problems Of Treadmill
The number of calories being burnt is not the only problem that people on treadmills face. Joint pain is also not the only problem that they face. Here are a few other things that you should be aware about before you decide to invest in the exercise machine or use too much of it at the gym.

  • Treadmills are addictive and once you get used to it, you wouldn’t want to try out any other machine and that can’t be good for you. If you keep walking at the same angles for weeks at a time, doing the same routine, you will be putting your muscles under unnecessary stress. You need to change the routine and the angles which are not that possible on a treadmill.
  • When you are walking on the treadmill, you lean forward, don’t you? You wouldn’t think too much of it but if you keep doing that for weeks and months, it is going to give you a lot of lower back pain. The angle does not suit your body and your back should be straight but since you are hunching while walking on a treadmill, that’s not good for you!
  • Keeping the arms loose is important on a treadmill but more often than not, we tend to either hold the bars or keep them tensely at the side. Swinging is important for balance but it doesn’t come as naturally on the treadmill. Again, the benefit of walking is seen here.
  • If you lose your balance on the treadmill, you can fall pretty badly and injure yourself. The machine can also throw you back at an angle and that could also be injurious to your body. One has to be careful on this machine.

Treadmills are not evil. If you know how to use one properly and not overdo things on it, you will use it efficiently and it will make you lose weight. But keep in mind that walking or jogging naturally on a track is the better option and you will lose more weight this way too. However, if you can’t do that then get yourself a good treadmill and read about it so that you can use it perfectly so that it won’t cause your body any troubles later on.