Do Obese People Have More Appetite?

Introduction And Background

The world has billions of people out of which more than half are obese. Isn’t it ironic that half do not even get a decent meal everyday while the other half overeat as much as they like? Anyway, that is beside the point. The main thing to be concerned about here is obesity and the speed at which it is steadily increasing. Obesity is not just a thing to overlook as a thing that causes social depression. It can lead to many other diseases. We’ll talk about those later but right now, we’ll see why obesity occurs and what is different in obese people and those people who are thin.


Do Obese People Have More Appetite?

Yes, they do have more appetite. That is why they are obese! Appetite plays a major role in weight gain. Those who over eat store a great number of calories, more so than ones they burn and thus it leads to accumulation of fat and sugar which leads to obesity. There is no normal obese person in the universe that does not have a huge appetite. And by normal, I mean those obese people who are obese by choice meaning that they do not have any medical condition such as one of the thyroid gland which makes them gain weight. All those who are obese are extremely fond of eating and they delight in fatty foods and extra snacks, even between meal times.


Is It Hard For Obese People To Control Their Appetite?

It is hard for obese people to control their appetite because their stomach size is so large and their love for eating has never really had any boundaries. They never limited themselves to eating less so when they have to do so, it is not a pleasant experience. Obese people, while dieting, have to suppress their appetite and often become irritable and angry due to the intense hunger pangs they have to face. It was best if they never did gain all that weight but now they have to do triple the work to lose it.


Can Their Appetite Control Be Made Easier?

Yes, obese people can make their appetite control a little less painful by applying certain techniques. Mostly, people drink diet soda to relieve their hunger pangs but this is not a healthy thing to do at all. Diet soda is dangerous for health. There are many other ways to make appetite control and suppression easier. Do a little research and find out the foods that can suppress the appetite. Nothing can be better than that for those who love to eat. They will eat to suppress the appetite. Fruits such as apples and blueberries are known as good appetite suppressants and the green leafy vegetables which have very few calories a lot of cellulose and fiber in them are also good appetite suppressers.


Appetite Suppressants: Are They Healthy?

When things don’t work by will, one has to turn to manufactured things to make things easier. There are a number of appetite suppressants in the market that all are capable of suppressing the appetite. However, not all of them are safe. There are certain appetite suppressants that have side effects. It is best to determine the company and the product before buying an appetite suppressant and also read the reviews from the people who have used the product already. However, there are healthy appetite suppressants present as well.

The herbal appetite suppressants are quite healthy and have no side effects and since they are made from herbs they provide certain fundamental elements to the body as well. No one is denying that the natural process of appetite suppression is probably the best but this is also a good option.


The Dangers Of Obesity

People might not treat it as a disease but the truth remains that obesity is quite dangerous because it leads to other diseases. Most of the heart problems that occur are due to obesity. Diabetes is also one of the many diseases that obesity is somewhat responsible for. Cholesterol levels, laziness, blood pressure and many others all have to do with obesity. It is not a subject that should be taken likely. The number of obese children is steadily growing. It is the responsibility of the elders to do something about it.



Obese people need to learn about the danger they are putting themselves in. The love for food can also risk them their lives. Once you put on the weight, it is mighty hard to take off. So the person lets go in the middle of the diet. Remaining strong and controlling the appetite is essential. Do not get carried away food and try to eat less. Take responsibility for the weight gain and try your best for weight loss.