Do exercise and appetite suppression go along well?

Introduction and Background

Meaning of exercise?

In common words, physical exercise is all about the movement (sometimes without having any movement) of body and the penetration of muscles in some systematic ways in order to activate functionalities of organs including the empowerment of the activity of hormones. However, we should find all those functions to be active while we are going to do some works. The purpose of exercise is mainly to help the organ work properly while we are not engaged in working at all. Furthermore, systematic exercises can benefit us more than what the physical action can do. Exercises are designed in lots of ways with a view to avail physical conveniences. In present days, some physical exercises are practiced in order to decrease the human appetite. Insufficient appetite straightly results insufficient food absorption and ultimately results the loss of weight as well. So, it is quite clear that one of the objectives of doing exercises is reducing the weight.

Ghrelin and peptide YY are two usual hormones that come out from glands as a result of some severe exercises. These two hormones effectively reduce the appetite and as a consequence of fewer calories intake individuals can lose their weight. According to the recent researches typical Aerobic exercise such as running on treadmills results more excretion of such hormones. Normally other exercises cannot reproduce the same amount of both Ghrelin and Peptide YY in regular cases.

About Ghrelin and Peptide YY

Several hormones of the body are engaged in regulating appetite. Ghrelin is known to be in action of stimulating appetite while Peptide YY is doing the suppression of appetite. 12 years ago in Japan Ghrelin was first discovered. It was revolutionary because we first came to know anything about the appetite by means of that discovery. As a growth hormone it was identified with its role at that time. Peptide YY, on the other hand had been discovered about 27 years ago. Functionalities of these two hormones encouraged physicians a lot in doing something to control diets and subsequently effect on the weight of the body.

Acylated and non-acylated Ghrelin are two forms of the Ghrelin hormone. By means of crossing the blood-brain barrier the acylated Ghrelin, also called active Ghrelin reaches the tract of brain known as the appetite center. This hormone is excreted in the way mentioned, during the exercise and helps organ create the suppression of eating.

Is suppression of appetite mandatory? Is leaving the diet fruitful?

Only for overweight people the weight loss is mandatory. You should keep in mind that weight loss is compulsory in the perspective of the medical science. However, it’s not necessary now and then with the art of mind or simply as a part of fashion. Despite all overweight people are in the risk with their conditions of health they are to begin to lose weight only when their physicians ask them to do that. And obviously, they are to stop losing weight in accordance with the instruction of their physicians. You need to keep in mind that you don’t need to lose weight unless you are obese; because doing this can be even dangerous while your weight of the body should remain over a particular margin.


Do Exercise and the appetite suppression do better?

This is still a controversial question after all. Exercise has been recently established as an effective way for losing weight. All of us know that weight loss could not be as easy as someone speaks about. But we hardly know about the internal state of our body, especially the condition of existing hormones inside the organ unless we are going to diagnose it. Without the diagnostics we should not go for excessive exercises because of the fact that too much suppression of appetite can collapse some other statuses of the body.

However, gaining weight sometimes, can be life threatening. We need to rescue from excessive weight for various general medical reasons. The best ways to use appetite suppression and doing exercise are that checking and diagnosing the present physical condition. If we start receiving any treatment we should stop it before it affects us. Getting advice of the physician is the safest way at all time. If the physician prefers continuing the method there should be no problem. In accordance with the prescription of the physician we should stop continuing the method as well.


Preventing every single way from becoming overweight could not result losing the weight. It’s because you are checking your weight gaining at this step. Then you will follow more severe methods in order to become slimmer and slender. When you are slim and cheerful with all your efforts you do not need to still continue losing your weight. You need to resist the weight gaining from this time on. That’s what should help you avail the perfect result.