Dieting With Coconut Oil

Introduction And Background
When one starts to diet, they don’t just wake up and suddenly stop eating. That is starving yourself, not dieting. Before starting a diet, a person is often very informative about what kind of foods they should have and how to go about it. One of the things that they’ll know about, if they have done their research properly, is coconut oil. Coconut oil is something that you just can’t ignore if you are on a diet. Once you read about the benefits of coconut oil with dieting, you really will be wondering why you didn’t know about it before, if you are trying to lose weight that is. And aside from that, coconut oil is generally beneficial for your health as well. Read on further to find out what you are missing out on!

The Good Fat
The oil word in coconut oil might be making you a little wary about having to use coconut oil in a diet. But do not be afraid, coconut oil is one of the good oils, the essential oils. The oil in coconut oil can actually boost your metabolic rate and you will be able to utilize the energy your body produces at a faster rate. All this means that you will be burning more calories! And you don’t have to worry about fat storage with coconut oil. It does not get stored like the other oils your probably consume! And there is a fun fact that might surprise you a little. Were you aware of the fact that countries in the Asia Pacific who consume large amounts of coconut oil have a lesser percentage of obesity and fewer cases of heart disease as compared to other countries? This does prove something!

Coconut Oil Higher Than Olive Oil?
There is no doubt that olive oil is an extremely terrific oil. Usually, the first thing that people do after starting a diet is to stock up on olive oil so that in case they need to cook their food in a little oil or sprinkle it on a salad or sandwich, they can use olive oil and not any other oil. But did you know that for obese people, coconut oil is the better oil? Olive oil, although really good, gets stored in the body more than coconut oil. Thus, if one is planning to lose weight and has to decide on an oil to use, coconut oil is the better choice which means that coconut oil is probably the best choice because usually in weight loss it is coconut oil or olive oil.

The Fatty Acids In Coconut Oil
It is mentioned above that coconut oil has the good fat but you didn’t really get to know what kind of fat it was now, did you? Well, coconut oil has medium fatty chain triglycerides which actually do have a positive effect on the metabolism. Imagine eating fat to burn fat! What could be a better option than this!

How To Consume Coconut Oil While Dieting?
Now that you are convinced that coconut oil is a must use while dieting, you might be wondering how to consume it for maximum effects. Well, coconut oil, after expensive research, has been proven to be most effective if had twenty minutes before mealtimes. Not only does it raise your metabolic rate but it also has other positive reactions in the body. For instance, if one consumes coconut oil twenty minutes before a meal, they are more likely to feel full quickly and it is highly probable that they will take smaller portions in their meals. This means that coconut oil also suppresses the appetite! Suppressing the appetite is one of the top priorities on the list of a dieter!

Coconut Oil And Appetite Suppression’s Improtance
Ask any dieter if you may; what is the most important thing in a diet. Their answer will not be exercise, it will be appetite suppression. Most diets are likely to fail because dieters are unable to suppress their appetite and most likely end up not following their diets. With coconut oil, that will be less of a problem because it will actually help you to eat less! That is in fact a very helpful thing to you. Without appetite suppression, it is very difficult to lose weight. It is one of the most basic things that every dieter knows. Unless you burn more calories than you consume, you can say goodbye to your weight loss plans.

The conclusion that you all must have come to is that coconut oil is extremely beneficial in a diet. It has two to three such benefits that can really aid you in the weight loss purpose. Other than that, coconut oil is a generally healthy oil, good for hair and good for skin.