Dieting In Pregnancy

Introduction And Background
The pregnant state is a state in which you have to be very careful because not only do you have to care for yourself and all the changes that are occurring but there is also another entire being that you have to cater to as well! And that can become pretty difficult as it is. However, the term ‘dieting in pregnancy’ should not be used because it is not a state in which you should because the baby needs to grow as well and for that to happen, dieting is not something that should be on the agenda and here are a few reasons why.

The Baby Needs To Grow Properly
The baby would require a lot of nutrients and in order to grow, there should absolutely be no deficiency of any kind. In fact, sometimes deficiency of nutrients can turn out to be pretty drastic for the baby as it could bring about some defects or congenital conditions that a parent would not want. For instance, folic acid is pretty essential and mothers are often told to take supplements for it. Imagine that they are not taking supplements and cannot find it in their food either because of dieting and hence, their child could well easily end up with neural tube defects because of it. This is why dieting in pregnancy is not suitable at all and the number one reason that one should avoid it.

You Will Gain Weight Anyway
Unless you are putting yourself on starvation mode in which case it could very well harm the baby completely, you will gain weight anyway because of the changes in the body. You will be forming new membranes and also carrying the baby weight and on average a woman gains about ten kilograms during her pregnancy so there is nothing to worry about really so much. It will all turn out to be fine after the pregnancy when you will have lost the baby weight and also the other weight gained while doing errands and taking care of the child. So if you will gain weight anyway, you will also lose it anyway. No need to diet around for no reason!

You Will Have To Lactate
You will also be storing a lot of fat reserves in the body and especially around the upper region or the lower region, something that women do not like at all! Now, why is that so? Actually, it is for the lactation process. A mother requires a lot of energy to feed her baby and she stores pretty much a lot of it during her pregnancy. Lactation is not an easy process and there are a lot of calories being burnt and the milk being produced, hence you can already register that there is a reason behind storing the reserves now, isn’t there? In order for lactation to occur, dieting in pregnancy is strictly prohibited. It is not good at all for the mother or the baby.

The Changes Require Proper Nutrition
Respiratory rate changes, plasma volume increases, new blood vessels are formed, shunts are made, the kidney working increases, hormonal changes occur and there are a million other things that are going on inside the body of a pregnant woman. All of these require a lot of energy to form and also to maintain as well. Pregnancy is definitely not an easy process and not one that you can take a chance on by dieting because as said above, there is another being to take care of as well now. You are not just responsible for your own self. Hence, the change requires proper nutrition to form as well as to keep.

However…Don’t Eat For Two
There is no dieting in pregnancy but no one says you have to go overboard and start eating for two! That could turn out to be pretty bad for the mother as well as she would gain an unnecessary amount of weight and then find it very hard to lose later on. And since she is eating for two, her appetite must have increased as well and could become harder to diminish even afterwards. It is not necessary to eat a lot or eat for two, just don’t diet. Otherwise, the normal food that you are eating should be more than enough and sufficient!

Dieting in pregnancy is not something that any doctor or even a normal layman would advise a pregnant woman to do. It is not feasible and not at all good for the circumstances that have prevailed. You can diet after the baby is born but even that is not advised as the baby has to feed as well and in order to do that the mother needs to be feeding well too. However, dieting in pregnancy is a big no!