Dieting During Pregnancy

Introduction And Background
Whenever we gain weight, even if a little, we immediately turn to diets before it gets out of hand and becomes something harder to lose. Losing a little weight is easier as compared to losing a lot of it and pregnant ladies feel no differently. If they are used to staying fit, the moment they get pregnant, they gain weight and begin to freak out and want to diet. But should you really diet during pregnancy? This Article aims to explain to you what can happen if you diet during pregnancy and if you truly want to not gain so much weight then how you should go about it. There are alternatives to dieting too you know!

Should You Be Dieting During Pregnancy?
Let’s get down to the basics of the matter first. Talking about dieting during pregnancy is absurd because firstly, you should understand whether or not you should be dieting during pregnancy. Then you get down to the rest of the matter, yes? To be honest and sensible, it is not good at all to diet when you are pregnant. It is not healthy for you and it is extremely unhealthy for the baby that is developing inside you. It can lead to a lot of adverse effects and most of them could occur in the baby. One should not diet in pregnancy. There are ways in which you can ensure not to gain so much weight while you are pregnant but to go on some sort of fad diet or even a crash diet for that matter is something very dangerous.

What Can Happen If You Diet During Pregnancy?
What can happen if you diet during pregnancy? Well, a lot of things can happen. Firstly, no matter what diet you have chosen, this means that you are sticking to certain types of food and your eating pattern has become very limited. You know where that leads don’t you? Read below to see the dangers of dieting during pregnancy:

  • The baby can have severe developmental problems and can be malnourished as well. When a woman is pregnant, she is given vitamins and minerals and iron supplements by the doctor to ensure that she does not fall deficit in any of these because then the baby can have deficiencies as well or its growth can be severely affected. The doctor also advises her to eat healthy things and to keep her food maintained. Imagine if she starts to diet. No matter what diet you are following, it does make you deficit in a nutrient. Hence, it is better not to diet otherwise it can have a severe impact on your baby.
  • You will feel weak. Pregnant women need their energy and since they feel tired most of the time, food makes them feel better. If they are dieting, it can lead to further unwanted mood swings and can actually cause disruption in the household.
  • Your body is changing when you are pregnant and after the delivery of your baby you also have to breastfeed. If you have been dieting the entire time, this can also lead to a deficiency in your body and you might not be able to produce as much breastmilk as when you were not dieting.

The Alternative…
The alternative to dieting is to ensure that you are not gaining a lot of weight. Actually, there are many women who are generally obese and pregnant who end up losing a little weight in their pregnancy without any effort at it. They are not dieting but their body mechanism and their general routine just helps them to do so. The alternative to dieting is that you not overeat just because you are pregnant and can do light exercises as well if need be. And don’t worry if you gain a few pounds because the weight of the baby is also added to your weight which will go away after the delivery of the baby. It is better not to diet during pregnancy but rather to just control yourself and not give in to outrageous cravings too much. But you should be eating normally because it is important for you and the baby. Otherwise, you will face problems later on; it might even be harder for your scars to heal after the birth of your baby because of the dieting you have done and not to mention what your child will suffer with nutritional deficiencies.

Dieting during pregnancy, in clearer words, is dangerous and a mistake. You should find alternatives if you are really worried about your weight but going on a diet, no matter what kind of diet it is, is a stupid move. Think about your child as well as about yourself before making such a decision. You will see sense!