Dieting During Breastfeeding

Introduction And Background
Motherhood is a time where the body is going through a lot of changes. If a woman has had a baby she stays in recovery for a long period of time, even if her scars have healed and she does not feel the need to rest anymore. There are a lot of things she needs to take care of and breastfeeding is amongst the top things. Breastfeeding is an important phenomenon, both for the mother and the child. Dieting is something that needs to be given a lot of thought and care on normal days as well, when one is not having a baby. Imagine how much thought should be put into it if one has had a baby and now is responsible for the food of another human being! This article will aim to explain whether or not you can diet during breastfeeding and if so, how should you manage it.

The Diet During Breastfeeding
While it is important that a woman eat proper nutrients and good food when breastfeeding because the baby needs it as well, the baby will still get the milk even if she is not eating properly. In countries where people are starving even, mothers still manage to breastfeed their kid. However, this does not mean that you should starve yourself if you want to lose weight!

In An Ideal Situation…
If you are talking about an ideal situation, you should not think of dieting before your child is at least two months old. It is in the first initial days that the child needs the perfect amount of nutrients and while your breast milk might have all of it, it is better to keep eating normally just to be on the safer side. A friend once started drinking fizzy drinks two weeks after the delivery of her baby. At first her baby was easily accepting the milk but then after two weeks, gastrointestinal disturbances started occurring and the baby would either not want it or have an upset stomach. The doctor advised her not to have fizzy drinks and pretty soon, her baby was normally taking the breast milk again. It is important what you are having so even if you are thinking of dieting, you should turn towards the healthiest of food and especially think of all the vitamins and minerals and ensure they are not deficit.

No Crash Dieting!
Even if you decide to lose the baby weight after two months of the birth of your child, ensure that you do not follow and ridiculous crash diets. Your baby is still breastfeeding and even though you are healthier now, this does not mean you starve yourself. It will have a severe impact on you as well as your child. Your child mind even end up being devoid of the vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B12 or iron and iodine, something that every newborn really needs and requires through breastmilk. If you are deficit in these through some crazy crash diets, your baby will be too and might face long term consequences that are not good.

If You Just Wait A Little…
Did you know that most mothers end up losing the baby weight in the first few months after birth anyway? It’s true. Raising a child, especially taking care of a newborn, takes a lot of energy. You have to change the diapers, carry the child, look after them, sacrifice your sleep and do the normal chores around the house too. Before you know it, the weight you had gained during pregnancy gradually goes away. Hence, if you wait just a little before following some diet, it is better to just eat your normal food, perhaps in limited portions if you are really self-conscious, and see where it takes you. Breastfeeding itself makes you lose weight, did you know that?

Take Advantage Of The Thirst
It is a fact that breastfeeding mothers feel thirsty than ever before since they have to make all that milk in their system. Usually they themselves end up drinking a lot of water and milk which is actually really good for the body. Take advantage of that. Drink heathy liquids and even juices and stay away from any fatty items or oily things that could aid to your weight gain. Turn to the things that can naturally aid to your weight loss and also be healthy for you.

The one conclusion that you can draw from all of this, if you are a breastfeeding mother, is that you should think about the betterment of your child and avoid following crazy crash diets. If you want to lose weight, you should just control your portions, eat healthy and resume your chores and perhaps add a little exercise to your routine. Before you know it, you’ll be back to your original weight.