Bananas And Dieting

Introduction And Background

There are researches being held on the hottest topic of this century; weight loss. Every magazine you’ll pick up, every digest you’ll come across has to have a story of dieting or a new technique of weight loss that claims to be more effective than ever. In other words, you can’t escape this phenomenon so you might as well gain the best of knowledge if you’re on the track to lose some pounds so that the weighing scales do not look as depressing as they do now. You probably have heard about fruits being the main element in a specific diet or maybe vegetables too. In this article, you’ll learn about the effect bananas have on dieting. Yes, there is in fact a banana diet too.


The Banana Diet

There is a diet developed that tells you to have bananas for breakfast. Whatever you have after that for lunch or dinner is your choice (it is mandatory to stay away from oily foods, dairy products or sugary sweets). There is no importance laid on exercise during this specific diet and if one really wants to do a workout then it should be done without a lot of stress. This diet gained a lot of popularity a few years ago, so much so that there was a shortage of bananas in shops for quite some time!



Does It Work?

Many diets are pretty effective, and this is one of them. If so many people followed it so religiously and lost weight, then it means there is something to this banana diet. There are some specific diets that do not allow you to have bananas because of the sugar content in them. However, if utilized the proper way such as in this morning banana diet then you’ll probably get the best out of it. The key is to follow the rules of the diet. If you follow the rules, there is no way you won’t lose weight.
Is It Safe To Have Bananas In Every Diet?
Of course it is safe. Bananas are always safe. But having them in every diet is not really an option you have. Some diets specifically tell you not to have bananas because of their sugar content. But if there are no restrictions placed then you can have it in moderate quantities. Do not overdo it.


Other Benefits Of Bananas

Banana, just like apple, is the ultimate fruit. There are countless nutrients in it that are essential for good health. Besides that, there are benefits of bananas involved in health and weight loss that you’d never have thought of.
• Bananas have a high sugar content but a little of it fills you up. It decreases your appetite in a way that you do not feel the necessity of eating more after having a banana. It is a perfect ingredient for a slim and smart waist.
• Bananas have a lot of potassium in them, an element essential for normal growth in the human body.
• They are good for the heart, for the kidneys, for the blood and even for those nerves. Diabetic patients often carry around bananas with them, in case their sugar level decreases and they need to eat something to raise it back to normal.
• There is also dietary fiber present in bananas which makes it one of the best choices of food as it helps in relieving constipation.
• A study has shown that patients suffering from depression should eat bananas because it makes their mood better.


A Better Use Of Bananas

Most obese people have the problem of eating while they are really tense about something. It could be because of school work or any pressure at the office. They feel the need to calm down by stuffing their face by fast food or any crisps and crackers they come across. They are advised to stick to bananas next time that happens. Bananas are high in sugar content and can deal with those elevated stress levels quite well without making you obese or causing any unnecessary weight gain. It also helps well than all the other unhealthy foods you might have because it contains a good nutritional value. If you adopt this new eating habit, especially if you’re older than most people, it might just save you from a stroke! Research has shown that bananas can stop you from having a stroke because of the well to do it does your heart.



Fruits are always good for humans and banana just happens to be in the top five. They are good for you, as you would have read in the article. And if you’re dieting, there can be nothing more good than fitting a banana somewhere in a meal if your diet allows it.