What Is Deep Fried Food?

Introduction And Background

The concept behind deep frying is simple. It is to take food and submerge it in fat for frying. The fat is not a bulk of fat that automatically comes to mind. It is the other kind of fat, for example oil. Deep fried food has fast become a likeness and we have all turned towards it. Now, we can’t live without fries, fried chicken, spring rolls and nuggets. There are many other things involved and almost all the foods these days are deep fried.

The Reality Behind Deep Fried Food

The name itself should give you an idea. It means plunking the food into a dish full of oil, literally. The oil is burning hot and fries the food, basically cooking it for you to eat. However, there are some things you should know about deep fried food. Cooking something in oil is entirely different. Oil is required to cook almost everything these days. That is fine, especially if you use the good type of oil which is beneficial for the health, such as olive oil. But deep frying is entirely another phenomenon. It is like you are ruining the thing you are trying to cook, making it less nutritional and more fattening for yourself. Read on to know more about the realities of deep fried food.

Is Deep Fried Food Bad For Health?

Of course it is! No matter how thin you are (and it would be difficult to be thin if you are hooked to deep frying), it is really dangerous for your health. Below are the reasons why one should stay far, far away from deep fried foods.
• It makes you obese. The simple number one reason of staying away from deep fried foods. There are so many calories involved because you are literally frying your food in a dish full of fat. It consumes most of the oil which is again bad for you health and can raise your cholesterol levels.
• It ruins the food. Deep frying has the potential to destroy all the nutritional elements present inside the food, making them useless for you, even if you are consuming them. In other words, if you are deep frying food, you are burning away all the other valuable nutrition, only leaving the fat for yourself.
• Deep fried foods can cause heart disease by clogging your arteries. This happens after consuming deep fried foods for a long time and does not happen overnight. However, one can never be too careful with their health, especially if they are not young anymore. There is grease involved in oil as well and it can stick to your blood vessels and you can’t even imagine the problems that could cause!

• Consuming it every day can even lead to a stroke.
• Fried foods are also known to cause problems in joints which means that those people suffering from arthritis should be really careful because it is known to inflame, causing more pain as it already is.
• Respiratory distress can also be caused.
In other words, it is basically a big NO if you want to have a healthy and fit life and not an obese one filled with depression and low self esteem. Deep fried foods are bad for you, but know that it can be consumed and is harmless only if you seldom have it. Putting it in your routine often will only cause you problems and nothing else.

What To Do?

Yes, there is that dilemma that you cannot entirely escape deep frying. It has to be this way, especially if you are making French fries for your kids or fried chicken for your friends. However, there are ways to minimize the collateral damage, or to escape deep fried foods entirely. One way is that you turn towards other options. If you are deep frying, do it intelligently. Get the good kind of oil such as olive oil or sunflower oil which is actually beneficial for your heart and health. Do not deep fry for longer periods of time because it will kill all the nutrition present in the food. If you can avoid deep frying, do it. If the taste is bland then season more rather than frying the food. And if this all is unreasonable to you, then there are Natural Appetite Suppressants. They will, as the name would show, suppress your appetite. You won’t even feel the need or craving for deep fried food anymore! They are naturally made, hence they contain good elements that will benefit your body. They do not contain any side effects and are available easily in the market and not even at a very high price. Trust me, if you do the math, it’ll cost you less than all the deep frying you’ll be doing.


The conclusion to this story is simple; try cutting down on all the deep fried food. It is impossible to escape it entirely, that is certain. No one is denying that living without deep frying is pretty hard. But minimizing it is not hard. You don’t have to have it every day, even if it does taste better than everything else. Turn towards healthier food and make sure you live a long healthy life without any diseases.