Dark Chocolate – Benefits

Introduction And Background

When we think about chocolates, we automatically think of them as a sinful and positively scrumptious food that is only allowed as a treat. Chocolates are heavenly but they are not regarded as something that one can have all the time and neither are they regarded as being a proper meal. However, these things might make sense but none of us would have ever thought of chocolate as being beneficial for health. Don’t grownups give very little chocolates to their children? Isn’t chocolate considered a once in a while gift which is rarely found in the homes of people except on treat days? Then what are the benefits of chocolate? Well…dark chocolate actually, is very beneficial. Read on further to know how.

The Benefits Of Dark Chocolate
Your health and body is positively affected rather than negatively, if you eat dark chocolates. This might come as a surprise to you all but chocolates are actually very nutrient rich. Usually, we only consider them to be full of sugar and nothing else but there is so much more to them than that. Here are a few benefits of chocolate that are worth knowing and worth mentioning. Your perspective about them being a junk food or a treat food might change after that.

 Did you know that dark chocolates contain a lot of minerals? It’s actually true. Dark chocolate does have cocoa in it which is a high fiber food. We all know that fibers are good for us! But really, other than that dark chocolate also contain a good amount of iron, calcium, magnesium, copper, manganese and potassium and phosphorus. It also has selenium. However, dark chocolate is not consumed by us in very large amounts but even then, the values of the minerals are good enough to fill more than half our daily required value!

 There is caffeine present in dark chocolate as well but it is not as much as present in tea or coffee so you have no danger in staying awake but your metabolism rate will get a touch of speed.

 As dark chocolate contains cocoa, it contains about the same fatty acids that cocoa contains which is a mixture of monounsaturated fats and even a few polyunsaturated fats! However, saturated fats are also present but not in great amounts to worry about.

 Antioxidants are something that is very good for the skin and also for your body in general. Yes, exactly, dark chocolates have a fair amount of antioxidants. It contains polyphenols, flavanols and even catechins. Research has proven that dark chocolates might contain more antioxidants than fruits even!

 There are bioactive compounds (similar to antioxidants) present in dark chocolate that have the power to affect the heart. They have been known to considerably improve blood flow and in turn lower the blood pressure. The myth that dark chocolate raises blood pressure is wrong. It can actually help to regulate it!

 If you’ve read enough about lipids, you will know that HDL are the best sort. And this is exactly what dark chocolate gives you. HDL is raised when you eat dark chocolate and the bad lipid, LDL, is considerably decreased. This is immensely helpful in those who have cholesterol problems. You must have never thought you’d ever be using chocolate to help your cholesterol problems now, did you?

 As mentioned above, dark chocolate has been good for lowering blood pressure. What’s more, it is even good for reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Studies have shown that those who eat more cocoa than others are at a reduced risk of this disease and have a decreased chance of suffering from cardiovascular death.

 Since blood flow is improved, a lot of other factors are also affected. Dark chocolate is good for the skin too as it improves the blood flow to the skin. That’ll be the day! Didn’t we always think that chocolates in general are awful for our skin? Well, they’re not. Dark chocolate can even protect our skin against the sun as it also causes are skin to remain hydrated as well.

 Dark chocolate has been known to increase brain function. This might be due to the amount of sugar present in dark chocolates as glucose is actually what the brain needs but other factors like caffeine and even the increased blood flow which will improve in the brain circulatory system as well all have an affect!

Dark chocolates are immensely good for health but pay attention to the word dark. Do not think that this was a discussion about chocolates in general. It was specifically about dark chocolates. Hence, if you are a chocolate lover and cannot live without them, try eating the dark chocolates than the others.