Dairy Choices During Dieting

Introduction And Background

Dieting is what obese people badly need because they have put themselves in a position where they are endangering their health in several ways. Obesity brings about many diseases such as loss of bone structure, diabetes, cholesterol problems and heart problems as well. And if you’re genetically linked to either of these diseases then it is better to watch your weight pretty carefully because chances of getting it are more. However, even if you need to diet pretty badly and the doctor recommends that you lose weight otherwise things might go bad, it is important to remember that nutritional components of a diet should not be compromised on. You need them to function well and they don’t really affect your weight that much. Or maybe it is that you can’t seem to live without these types of foods and need them. Here, you’ll know what your choices are, particularly those relating to dairy only which is one of the most important components of one’s diet.

Can You Give Up Dairy During Dieting?

The sad truth is, it is not a question of can but whether if you should. And the answer to that is yes, you should give up dairy during dieting but not all of it. You see, the thing with dairy products is that even if they contain really essential elements that your body requires, you have to avoid them if you can because they potentially can make you fat. They can make your muscle and body fat which will make you gain weight rather than losing it. But know this about dairy that without all the protein that is found in dairy products, you could feel lethargic and lazy without knowing what is happening to you. It’s no wonder that the doctors recommend that you have something dairy in your breakfast like milk, egg or cheese. It helps to start the day and gives your body that boost of protein that it so badly requires to work the entire day. It also raises your metabolism level as breakfast is the most important meal of the day and for some it is the weight loss enhancer meal.


What Should I Do In These Situations?

Not to fear, you don’t have to give up dairy products altogether. The main ingredient behind every dairy food is milk basically. So the milk decides what you can have. With the twenty first century and technology along with research facilities have developed something which is known as ‘skimmed milk’. With skimmed milk, you’re getting all the vitamins, calcium and minerals you need without the fat in it (Known to have less than one percent fat). This is actually a golden opportunity for you to get what you want without any disadvantage to it! Low fat dairy is the best choice you have. You’re not giving up on dairy this way.


Your Dairy Choices

Now that the option of skimmed milk is there, the choices of dairy are quite open to you. Here are some of them:
• Diet cheese. There are those people who simply cannot live without cheese. They eat it in everything and cannot bear to part from having a bite at it daily if not hourly! Diet cheese also contains all the calcium and essential components of a daily nutritional value diet but it is not as fattening as regular cheese. However, bear in mind that even if diet cheese is for those who are on a diet, they still need to be careful as to not over eat it. If they do, it will be the same as eating regular cheese.
• Low Fat Yoghurt. This is a really healthy food and is considered to be one of the best calcium foods that exist. Mothers are usually feeding it to their daughters to get stronger bones so that they do not face any problems such as osteoporosis that is becoming ever so common in older women. Low fat yoghurt may not taste as good as regular yoghurt but since you’re on a diet, be happy with what you can get.
• Custard. Since you’re pretty much lacking in the desert section if you’re on a diet, you can eat this only if it is made from low fat or skimmed milk powder. They are available in the market.
• Low Fat Ice cream. This would be the thing that would make you the happiest. There is a lot of speculation about low fat ice cream because ice cream is very fattening. But with the development of zero calorie sugar and skimmed milk, you can eat this delicious desert without fear of ruining your diet.



The conclusion behind this story is, do not lose hope because if you’re fond of dairy products, you still get to have a lot of them without feeding on your guilty conscience. But be aware that they are all low fat products, otherwise, you could be in a lot of trouble with your weight if you’re eating regular dairy without knowing.