Could Artificial Sweeteners Raise Your Blood Sugar Level?

Introduction And Background

Artificial sweeteners have become so common now that the common man does not question its safety or its production or anything about it. The common man just accepts the fact that artificial sweeteners will not make him gain any weight or give him any calories and he is fine with everything else that it has to offer. Well, have you ever wondered whether or not artificial sweeteners are safe? Are they good for the body? Do they raise your blood sugar level? Do they give you energy at all or are they really at zero calories like they say they are? Don’t all these question enter your mind from time to time when you are buying a drink which has artificial sweeteners or perhaps when you are using the little packets to put in your coffee or tea to sweeten it up?

Does It Really Raise Blood Sugar Level?
Let us deal with the important question first. Can artificial sweeteners really raise blood sugar level? Well, truth be told it does. Not getting into the science of the matter but the facts remain that there are microorganisms in the gut which the scientist have closely studied and the artificial sweeteners that are taken in by the body have some sort of reaction with them which does raise the blood sugar level minutely. However, it does not make much of a difference as otherwise many of the diabetic patients who survive on this artificial sweetener will be giving their health a lot of trouble. The blood sugar level is raised but only minutely that it can be ignored even.

Are They Safe For Health?
The debate on this matter is heavy as there are some that argue that taking artificial sweeteners does nothing to you and takes you on the road to maintaining weight or losing weight but there are others who say that they are not at all safe. Both of them are right in their own way but artificial sweeteners have recently shown a downside to them that cannot be ignored. What is that downside now?

  • They have increased a craving for sugar in the human body. Although the artificial sweeteners are exactly what they are and do not give you any calories, it still makes your brain think about sweet things and want sugary stuff. Research has clearly specified that those who took artificial sweeteners were at more of a craving for sugar than those who actually took normal sugar in the first place.
  • The artificial sweeteners have known to cause microorganisms in the gut to rise and take action but this has not yet proven to have an adverse affect on the body as scientists are still trying to figure out the actions behind it.
  • They are known to cause kidney problems as the main problem in diet sodas was this and studies have shown that those who drink in a lot of diet sodas have reclining kidneys which is very dangerous for health. Think about it yourself!

Diabetic Patients
This sweetener is mostly for diabetic patients as they cannot really take in a lot of sugar due to controlled blood glucose level. However, there are other ways of controlling. They may be able to exercise a lot of control on their diet if they are very dedicated to their health but very few people are. Old diabetic patients also find it consistently hard to control their appetites and they are also given deserts and other things with artificial sweeteners so as to not cause any trouble with their blood glucose level which has to be taken care of carefully.

Obese People
Obesity is another reason behind artificial sweeteners and their rising popularity. Those who are obese think that it is okay to have artificial sweeteners and to reduce their cravings as they are reducing their calorie consumption. Well, little do they know that this is not the way to go about it as artificial sweeteners have known to increase waist lines and also to cause a little weight gain? There are many other things involved in this, not just sweeteners though so to blame it entirely on them would be unfair. Nonetheless, one should always be aware.

Blood sugar levels are to be taken care of especially in elderly diabetic patients or even young ones. The people who are not diabetic also should take notice for good health. However, one should not worry much about their blood sugar level with artificial sweeteners. They do not cause any noticeable rise in blood sugar level and even if they do, it is very minute. One does not have to worry about that although there are other factors to be taken into account, as mentioned.