Controlling Your Appetite With Food

Introduction And Background

Sometimes it is hard to resist our desires. We give in pretty easily when it comes to food because to the world, there is nothing that delights more. Food is the essence of life for some and for some it is their only existence. This is not a joke because if you check the obesity rate in the world, you will be shocked. And even when people go to hangout, food is on their list. Thus, it becomes very hard to lose weight. It becomes even harder to consider yourself amongst those people who want to lose weight because you just can’t control your appetite. However, there are ways in which you can. Some people believe in diverting towards other options and we’ll discuss those too but did you know that you can actually control your appetite with food?

Some Foods, Not All
Do not be mistaken by the title of the article. Controlling the appetite with food does not mean that the appetite can be reduced by eating all the foods. There are only some foods which are capable of reducing the appetite and we should know about them. Controlling the appetite is not an easy thing to do. Firstly, it takes time to adjust to the thought that you will be eating less than you used to and have to control your urges. Secondly, the hunger pangs sometimes drive you insane so it is better to have something that helps to control the appetite. Only your will power is sometimes not strong enough to do the job alone. You have to have something to help.

The Foods That Help In Controlling The Appetite
There are certain foods that help in controlling the appetite. It isn’t about their quantity but the elements and minerals in them that can help you to achieve your goal. There are healthy natural appetite suppressants which can give you the energy you need and also give you good health along with helping you lose weight. What more do you need? Here is a list of some of the foods.

  • Almonds
    Studies that are related to weight management have proven that after eating almonds, people seem to feel full sooner. Almonds are not fattening and also contain a wide variety of antioxidants, including vitamin E, which does a wonderful job in attaining what you need.
  • Coffee
    While people think that coffee might not be the healthiest drink in the world, a lot of people have it in the morning to feel energized and to fasten their metabolic rate. It also happens to act as an appetite suppressant! You will notice that after having coffee, you are never in much of a mood to have an entire meal!
  • Avocados
    These are the best fruits you can eat to suppress the appetite. With only one avocado, your brain already feels that your stomach is full and most people stop eating just like that! Try it out sometime without thinking too much about your empty stomach and you’ll see.
  • Apples
    Ah, the wonder fruit. There is rarely a list which escapes this fruit. An apple a day does keep the doctor away but an apple also keeps hunger away too! Apple has a lot of vitamins and a lot of fiber in it. Not only does it help the digestive system but it also keeps your hunger pangs and you appetite at bay. What’s more, people actually like apples. They are fond of having it.
  • Eggs
    Have you noticed that people who have eggs for breakfast generally don’t feel hungry till late in the afternoon? They don’t even feel the need to have a snack in between. This is because eggs are a great appetite suppressant and generally, protein rich foods have a way of providing satiety to the stomach. You don’t need to get in to the science of that though. Have eggs for breakfast sometimes!
  • Tofu
    This is also an appetite suppressant but not a famous one since a lot of people might prefer to eat something else. However, it is still on the list!
  • Water
    This is the best appetite suppressant of all since it fills up your stomach and you have less space than before to eat! Water is not considered an exact food but everyone needs to know what a great appetite suppressant it is. Try drinking water before every meal. It will make you feel full sooner!

There are various ways of suppressing the appetite. People take in appetite suppressing pills and sometimes even wear belts to pull in their stomachs. However, this is the most natural way of reducing weight and controlling the appetite is never healthier than when you control it by eating healthy foods.