Control Appetite With Vinegar

Introduction And Background
Controlling your appetite is not an easy thing, otherwise the rate of obesity would not be increasing and people would certainly lose weight. It is easy to tell someone to control their hunger and lose weight but another thing to actually do it yourself and see how it feels. Dieters need all the help they can get. Usually their craving for food is the reason that most diets fail the first week. It is the hardest to control yourself when you start. After a week or two, you are used to the food you eat and your appetite reduces as well so it becomes easier. There are numerous ways to control your appetite though. And using vinegar is one of them.

Vinegar – An Appetite Suppressant?
This is actually a very controversial topic but research is going on further to prove that vinegar may in fact be an appetite suppressant. One does wonder how in the world can vinegar act as an appetite suppressant but the funniest thing is, all the acts of vinegar on our body does reduce our appetite. For instance, and this is the best part, vinegar actually slows stomach emptying. Imagine if your stomach contains food for a longer period of time. You won’t have the need to suddenly eat more or anything like that. You can stay put for more hours. So yes, vinegar does act as an appetite suppressant but you should be smart to use it. And there is another interesting fact. Vinegar also visibly reduces the glycemic index of starchy or carb foods such as noodles or bread or more of their types.

Vinegar Is Acidic
We all know that vinegar is actually acidic in nature. And we all know that acidity in our body can cause us harm. So do not start drinking bottles of vinegar just to be thin! You have to play it smart. The best thing to do is take it in diluted form once a day so that it does not irritate the stomach or your digestive tract and does not cause any trouble to your esophagus as well. You should know that bringing acidity to your body is dangerous and it can actually upset the stomach. Thus, keep this in mind before you start to drink vinegar in everything! Use it wisely and use it well and you won’t be sorry afterwards!

Other Appetite Suppressants
Vinegar is a good appetite suppressant but it is far from being the only one around! There are so many of them that you might be surprised that so many foods can be added to your list if you are dieting. Here are a few to keep in mind and you won’t be surprised to find out that a lot of them will be to your liking as well.

  • Almonds are excellent appetite suppressants. They have fiber in them, antioxidants and vitamin E as well which makes it a terrific combination for your body. All of these things aid in suppressing the appetite somehow and research has proven time and time again that having a handful of almonds ensures that you consume lesser calories. It just happens! You are content with almonds!
  • Berries are also another appetite suppressant to keep in mind. You should know that almost all kinds of berries are sweet in nature but they have a lot of fiber in them. And as you all very well know, fiber is the best thing to suppress the appetite. It does not give you many calories, keeps you feeling full for longer and also ensures that your bowel movements are not compromised. Constipation is actually a common worry amongst most dieters and the best way to deal with that is to add fiber to your diet. Don’t let go of berries then!
  • Eat green leafy vegetables and you’ll feel healthy as well as full. Vegetables, as we know all too well, are the most beneficial thing around. They don’t give you a lot of calories and you can easily keep yourself full and lose weight if you turn to vegetables. Of course, potatoes are not included in this list! Keep away from fries!
  • Eating a protein meal at breakfast is also a brilliant way to suppress the appetite. Protein takes a longer time to digest in the stomach and if you start your day with that, chances are you’ll be fine throughout the rest of the day until the next meal time. You can easily ignore the urges or either they won’t exist.

Along with all of these, vinegar is also a pretty good appetite suppressant but with vinegar you have to be a little careful. Do not overdo it and if you are taking it, take it with water or something else so it does not taste sour to you.

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