Choose Fruit Vs. French Fries

Introduction And Background

We all agree that fruits are a delight and one of the healthiest foods around. They are beneficial for health and almost every fruit you pick will have some kind of benefit for you. On the other hand, there are French fries which the entire world loves and craves a lot more than fruits. If you hand a child fruit, they will probably stare at you like you’ve gone crazy but if you hand a child French fries, they will probably eat it as soon as they get it. French fries are a wonderful food but if you compare them with fruits, which one will be better? Perhaps you already know the answer to that but it is time to give you a lot of evidence along with that answer.

Fruit Or French Fries? Which One Should You Choose?
The choice isn’t that hard if you look at it. Everyone knows fruits are the healthier choice but most of you will choose French fries. Why is that? They do taste better and are more fulfilling but still, you should choose fruits.

Why Choose Fruits?
There are various reasons of why one should choose fruits. Read on to find out what the reasons are behind the choice of fruits rather than French fries.

  • Fruits contain a lot of fiber, especially fruits like apples. Fiber generally helps to regulate peristalsis in the body which is pretty good for bowel movement and helps reduce constipation. This means that you will easily pass the stool from your body and it will also have bulk in it which gives a sense of relief to the body.
  • Fruits have a lot of vitamins in them. For instance, oranges are rich in vitamin C which has a lot of roles to play in normal health. It ensures healthy gums and also boosts the immunity and healing system of the body. Without vitamin C, you will have bleeding gums and a condition called scurvy which is painful and not that good to look at either!
  • Mineral content is also high in fruits. You can find iron, calcium and potassium as well. Bananas have a lot of potassium and they are excellent for providing blood glucose at a whim.
  • Fruits also contain a lot of other vitamins that are essential for good health. They are rich in nutrients and vitamins and they also have a fresh and juicy taste. They refresh the mind as well as the body.
  • Fruits contain antioxidants as well which are quite necessary for good skin as well as to maintain various chemical reactions occurring inside the body.

Why Not French Fries?
Now that you have read why fruits are good and why you should choose them, here are reasons why you should not choose French fries and stick to fruits:

  • French fries are good once in a while but if you eat them too much you can easily become overweight. They taste good and it is very easy to get addicted to them which is why it is better to choose some other food if you have option in case you are borderline overweight are overweight already.
  • French fries have a lot of oil in them as they are deep fried which means that your body’s cholesterol level will be raised. If this keeps up you will be soon looking at coronary heart diseases which have become quite common.
  • They are also high in starch along with fats which makes them even more of a perfect tool for weight gain. A lot of people think that the reason for obesity lies in fries and burgers.
  • They might be wonderful to eat but they do not have a good nutritional content and neither are they rich in vitamins or other minerals like fruits are.
  • They are warm food and will probably make you feel bloated along with making you gain weight.

Open Your Eyes
As you can see yourself, there are various reasons of why you should choose fruits instead of French fries. If you care at all about your health and do not want at be overweight or obese or a person with heart problems very soon in your life, choose fruits. They are a refreshing food and will probably give you more benefits than you can imagine.

Fruits are the essence of life and if you start to eat them regularly, you’ll begin to like them if you don’t already. They are natural and they are tasty. They do not contain artificial sugar or any other kind of chemicals. They are what they are and they contain no amount of fat that can make you overweight. Aside from that, they are immensely beneficial to the skin and the hair and other parts of the body too!