Canola Versus Sunflower Oil – Which Is Better?

Introduction And Background
Oil is a very important thing in households, is it not? Everything you eat is cooked in oil and even if you bake some items, a few men and women even sprinkle a little oil on them. In other words, it is something that you have all the time. You can keep on changing the food you eat but the oil you use daily is going to be the same, whether you are cooking your egg in it for breakfast or turning your fish in it for dinner. Considering these circumstances, it is important that you have the right oil, the best one in fact. Now, people use different kinds of oils but in this article, we will be discussing canola oil and sunflower oil, two of the most commonly used ones in households around the world. There is soya oil, bean oil, corn oil and also the ever famous olive oil. But canola and sunflower are two oils which are found most commonly in the kitchens. So which one is better?

Both Have Their Benefits
Both the oils have their benefits, do not think that one is good and the other is not. They are both healthy oils and both have monounsaturated fats which is excellent for the heart and in the end, the heart is what you are worried about the most and controlling cholesterol levels, are you not? Both have vitamins and minerals and both have about the same number of calories. Canola oil and sunflower oil are both considered a pretty good choice for a cooking oil to be used at home or even in restaurants.

If one looks at the details carefully and compares the two, it is safe to say that sunflower oil is a little better. Now again, don’t think canola is bad but the fact just is that sunflower oil is a little healthier and a little better to use and after olive oil, which is in every way considered the best type of oil there is, people often turn to sunflower oil because it has the same health benefits but is a little cheaper. Olive oil is expensive in most countries around the world.

Why Is Sunflower Oil Better?
There are several reasons as to why sunflower oil is considered a better choice. Some of them are explained below!

  • First it was considered that oils rich in Vitamin E, especially canola oil, are considered excellent for health. But recent research has shown that getting a daily dose of it in the oil may lead to lung inflammation and cause irritation which can become a leading cause of asthma. There is sufficient evidence to quote in a manner that people who used canola oil had a higher percentage of people with asthma than those who used sunflower oil.
  • Although both are monounsaturated fats, Sunflower oil is better for the heart than canola oil. And as said above, your heart is given a lot of attention when you have to select cooking oil. Most heart patients don’t even take any oil except for fish oil and mostly eat boiled foods or baked items such as fish and chicken. Thus, a vote for sunflower oil in this scenario counts for a lot!
  • Sunflower oil has a high smoke point which means that it is an ideal oil for frying something or turning it golden brown.
  • There is also a word about canola oil being related to toxicities developed in people but these are all myths for now though because there is no strong evidence for the suggestion. Nonetheless, the myth does score a few points for sunflower oil because there isn’t anything of that sort about this oil being circulated amongst the public.

Vitamin K Source Though…
Even though sunflower oil is considered to be a better oil, there is one thing about canola oil that is better than sunflower. Canola oil is rich in vitamin K while sunflower oil is not. Vitamin K is an important vitamin, a lipid soluble vitamin that the body stores for healing and repair, especially used in blood clotting when a person is wounded and needs to heal. This is an important vitamin and Canola oil has a lot of it!

To be honest, there are a lot of oils out there and all of them have their own benefits. This is why most people do not stick to just one oil and keep rotating monthly. If one used corn oil one month, they would switch to olive oil or sunflower oil the next month. Things remain healthy this way and you get the benefits of all oils. Sunflower oil is a good oil and generally preferred over canola oil but both of them have their own qualities, as you can see.


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