Beets And Weight Loss

Introduction And Background
Those who are intent on losing weight or maintaining their weight are pretty updated to the new research coming along on weight issues or what helps to lose weight. For instance, in the previous decade, green tea was discovered to have an amazing effect on metabolism and by now most dieters have added it as a refreshing beverage to their daily routines to kick-start their metabolism and help burn fat. Same is the case with beets. It has, over the past few years, become quite popular in the weight loss circles because of its many abilities which you will read in this article. Get acquainted with beet and weight loss!

What Are Beets?
A beet is in fact a vegetable that you might have seen as it isn’t a rare species! It is often used in quite a few dishes or meals prepared. There are various types of beets but mostly you’ll see the pinkish red ones the most. They are nutritionally pretty sufficient as they contain a lot of vitamins and minerals, iron being the most important. Most women who are dieting often develop anemia and have to take iron supplements to overcome it. With beets, they might not have to do that, provided they are taking enough beets that is.

How Are Beets Good For Weight Loss?
Well, the thing that makes beets excellent for weight loss is that they contain about fifty calories per cup. That is literally consuming zero calories for a dieter. Fifty calories per cup means that one can easily have two cups of beets and be cool about it, especially since there are other factors that aid to weight loss as well. Here they are:

  • Beets help fight off water retention. Sometimes the body starts retaining a lot of water and that might be the issue behind the excessive weight or suddenly gaining a lot of weight. Beets help to overcome that and that can actually help tip the scales and before you know, there’s a difference of three to four kilograms.
  • Beets are great antioxidants and help detoxify the body. The body can at times lose weight because of the removal of certain toxins from it. Beet can help do that. Reduced toxin in the body also ensures reduced inflammation in the body.
  • Beets have certain nutrients which can help fight off diabetes and sometimes weight gain is inevitable with a type of diabetes. That can also be altered by the use of beets.
  • Beets contain a lot of fiber and we all know how amazing fiber is for weight loss. In fact, many dieters actually search for high fiber foods to add to their diets. Well, beet should definitely be on that list! Fiber is not digested or absorbed and we don’t get any calories from it. It is also good for peristalsis and bowel movements and helps improve constipation, which is often what dieters suffer from because they do not have enough fiber in their diets.

How To Have Beets?
Beets are not taken raw. They are mostly cut up and boiled or brawled or added in other foods. You can even microwave beets and they often end up being pretty delicious to some. You can even roast beets. What’s good about them is that they contain a certain sweetness that is not common in vegetables. Vegetables are rarely sweet. You can even dice up the beets and put them in a salad or cook it with other vegetables. The bottom line is, you can really do anything you want them and have them any way you like.

Why It Is Necessary To Finds Such Foods For Weight Loss?
Like beets, there are other foods as well which you should search upon and find out about in order to lose weight. Such foods, which have low calories and high fiber, can really help your aim. Not only they do make you full but they are also not giving you many calories which means that you’ll have to get them from your fat storage anyway and what’s more, fiber helps a lot because it gives you the feeling of fullness and deals with the other department as well (the bowel movements).

You probably do not have beets lying around and would need to go out and buy them. If that is the case, do not delay any further. You’ll enjoy the taste as well and it is a healthy vegetable with lots of nutrients. You’ll be getting a pretty good percentage of daily value of iron as well as potassium among other minerals and vitamins. And you can cook it the way you like it. There should be nothing standing in the way of you and beets now, add them to your diet food list!