Avocados As Appetite Suppressants

Introduction And Background

When you want to diet, you automatically look for things that will make it easier for you. And you should too. Dieting is not an easy thing to do. In fact, if you are used to eating a lot, it will take a lot of strength for you to embark on the path to weight loss. Not meaning to scare you though, there are ways in which you can make the path lighter for you to walk on. For instance, appetite suppressing is the toughest part of a diet. People can start to walk and exercise as their diet tells them to but when it comes to eating a specific amount and especially things they don’t really feel like eating, it becomes difficult. It becomes even more difficult to ignore those hunger pangs that are present during the start of a diet. They don’t kid around when they say the first few days are the hardest! But at times like these…you need something that will help. What you need are Avocados!

Is That Right?
Yes it is! You might be thinking, avocados are definitely not a fat free food. In fact, from all the other fruits that are present this one might be the one containing the most oil and fat in it. But then again, there are other wonderful things about avocados that act as appetite suppressants. A lot of people are advised to eat avocados during their diet and they all have given positive reviews.

Avocados As Appetite Suppressants
The first benefit that you have to realize about avocados is that they are natural appetite suppressants. This is the biggest benefit that you can get. Not only do they not come in the form of pills in a bottle but they are also not in the form of belts that you can wear around your stomach to pull it in and reduce the appetite. They are a natural method, a perfect home remedy that one can utilize when they are in the need of losing weight. Nevertheless, why are avocados considered to be appetite suppressants? Here’s why:

  • They are full of fiber. Yes, very few people might know this about avocados because the general perception is that they are full of oil. That is the wrong concept. Avocados are actually having a lot of fiber content in them. They do have oil too but let’s not ignore the other things present just because of it! We all know fibrous foods tend to make us full and they also improve the bowel movement in the body.
  • They do have fat in them but the fat they contain is the sort that sends signals directly to the brain which gives you the feeling of being satisfied and not hungry anymore! Isn’t this the best thing, eat a food which automatically makes you less hungry. This suppresses the appetite considerably.
  • They are very healthy and most of the nutrients present in the body work on nurturing the body along with keeping your hunger at bay.

Moderate Amounts Of Avocados
But you should be warned though that only moderate amounts of avocados are suitable. Even though they are appetite suppressants, do not overdo on them. They might be fibrous and might have fatty acids that are beneficial in your fight against hunger but their calorie content is not that low that you can eat any amount you want. If you eat a lot of them it can greatly harm all the efforts you have made towards losing weight. Half an avocado is fine, even a full one but don’t go on eating them all the time. You should keep a balance.

Is Appetite Suppression That Essential?
It is extremely essential! If you are trying to lose weight, the first thing you should know and accept is that you cannot achieve this without weight loss. Only liposuction can enable you to lose weight without controlling your appetite. Otherwise, no matter what diet you follow, you have to curtail on the appetite. Whether it is a vegetable diet, a protein diet or a fruit diet or even the HCG diet, you will have to have smaller portions and will have to live with the food that your diet has prescribed. Think about it, only when you are eating fewer calories and burning more fat than you are taking in, only then will you be able to reduce the weight. If you are eating all the same and exercising, the only thing you will be doing is ensuring you aren’t gaining any weight. But there is no guarantee you will lose any weight.

If you want to lose weight and are looking for appetite suppressants, you should definitely consider avocados to be on your list. As you can see, it will benefit you greatly.