Avocados And Appetite Suppression


Having a balanced diet is something that is continuously becoming more and more difficult to achieve as the days pass by. People are simply too busy to take the time out for a productive and healthy exercise session. While doing that may be the best possible way of controlling your weight and feeling healthy, the fact that it is becoming less and less possible for more and more people simply can’t be denied. This means that to make sure that the people who are suffering from a diet that is taking them into the wrong direction in terms of health need something that can effectively counter the problem for them. To serve that purpose, the field of medicine has come up with a wide range of medicine that is slowly becoming more and more successful in serving that purpose. However, the fact that pretty much all of these medicine have some kind of a side effect which makes it impossible for so many people to achieve their target diet. So the question that needs to be asked here is that why not try something natural? While some of you might think that I am talking way out of the range and nothing like that could possibly exist, the fact is that it does, and it can be found practically anywhere. This thing is known as avocado and believe it or not but this is one of the most effective ways of treating obesity and inducing suppression in appetite. To find out more about this miraculous fruit, keep reading.

About Avocado

Many of you must be thinking that how is it even possible for avocado to be the savior fruit here as it is not a hidden secret that it has the most amount of fat in it as compared to any other fruit. What gets ignored here though is the fact that not only does avocado have several other properties that make it an excellent diet suppressant, the fat itself is also very helpful in keeping the consumer full at stomach for prolonged periods of time.


It is important that we understand how avocado works as a diet suppressant and there are two very distinct properties of this fruit that make it very effective in the suppression of diet. These two factors have been described below:

 Fibrous body: The biggest thing that makes it easy to distinguish that this fruit is very much capable of controlling the appetite is the fact that it is filled with concentrated amounts of fiber which make it capable of giving the person the feeling of being full in their stomach. This leads to a lower amount of food being consumed and therefore the calorie intake gets reduced.

 Oil but not really: The oil inside the avocados isn’t actually the harmful type as the fats that are found in them are those that have the capability of signaling to the brain that no more food needs to be consumed. As a result you don’t feel the same amount of hunger and your appetite is reduced significantly.


While avocados are very effective in suppressing the appetite, it is important that we monitor our intake of avocados properly too. They may have all their benefits in terms of diet control but if they are eaten in excess amounts then the high amount of calories in them alone can make the same problem for you that you may already have. The perfect dose for a singly time is half an avocado, full if you are really feeling like eating but that’s the highest suitable serving of avocados that you should have in one time. Make sure you keep a proper check.


If losing your weight through appetite suppression is your target then do make avocados a part of your lifestyle as they can be very effective in make you succeed in your efforts.