Are Women More Obese?

Introduction And Background

This question is forever imprinted in the minds of all the women around the world, and men too but in a different manner! Obesity is a disease. It is one of the terrible diseases that is increasing daily with so many people gaining weight ridiculously fast and ridiculously a lot. There are now two types of people in this world; Those who are incredibly thin and those who are incredibly fat. The average weight ones are now part of the less dominant population. But is it true that obesity seems to be more common in women than it is in men? Let’s read on to find out more.


What Causes Obesity?

Even a child in playgroup would know the answer to this question. Laziness and eating extensively causes obesity. Yes, there are some diseases in this world which also bring about obesity and some people have obesity in their genes too and are not really at fault but about ninety percent of the people only have themselves to blame if they are overweight. And more than sixty percent of that ninety percent are women.


Are Women More Obese?

Sorry women around the world but it is indeed a fact. Women are more obese than men. More than half of the obese people around the world consist of women. This might come as a shock to some because generally, women are more concerned about their weight than men. They are more responsible towards what they eat and are pretty conscious about their weight, much more so than men. Still, women are more obese.


Why Are Women More Obese?

Well, if women reading this article have accepted the fact that they are more obese than men (no pun intended) generally, then they’ll also want to know the reasons of why this is the case. Here you go people:
• Women weigh more than men because men have a routine which does not allow them to procrastinate. Women can be lazy around the house and can afford to not work. Men, in any part of the world, cannot afford to do that. They are the sole earners of the house and have to be on their feet all the time. This way, they do not gain much weight because they keep themselves so active and fit all the time.
• Men visit the gym more than women. Even if women are more conscious about their weight, they do not tend to do anything about it. Men on the other hand are more lean and muscular, their fat not taking over unless they let it.
• Women have a lower metabolic rate than men. They also have a lower resting metabolic rate which matters a lot. Ever seen those people who eat like a cow but do not gain weight at all, even if they don’t exercise? It’s all due to their resting metabolic rate. Now that you know the importance of it, you’ll know that it is higher in men which again makes the tendency of gaining weight much higher in women which in turn makes them more susceptible to obesity.
• Hormonal changes in women tend to affect them more. There are many women who suddenly gain a lot of weight after marriage. It is due to their hormonal changes.
• Women are more emotional beings than any other creature on this planet. When they get depressed or sad, they tend to overeat to drown their sorrows or they tend to sleep a lot, unable to handle the stress. This is also one of the reasons why women are more obese in the world.
• A lot of women have problems in their thyroid gland. It could be one of the reasons why women are more obese because this problem makes you immensely lazy and can also lower your metabolism rate. This can easily make you fat, even if you don’t eat a lot.


Is There Any Specific Region Where Women Are More Obese?

Yes, there is. You’ll find that the obesity rate is particularly high in America and Canada and you’ll also find that women there are more obese. There are also various factors behind his. Junk food in these countries come really cheap and people’s lives are so busy around work that they rarely find time to make themselves a well balanced home meal. This leads to them turning to such foods which make them gain weight. And soon, they’re on the borderline of being obese. It mostly happens with working women more than it does with men which again explain why women are more obese.



Women need not worry if they more obese. Just be sure that you do not become one of those women who are obese. Try to maintain a good diet and exercise whenever you get the time.