An apple a day, keeps untimely hunger away…

Introduction and background

Obesity is becoming one growing problem around the globe. There are many factors to obesity and the one most common is an urge to eat when you are not actually feeling hungry. The cravings lead you towards over weight. There are many natural appetite suppressants including fresh water to green vegetables. These natural foods curb your hunger and hold you back from eating too much. What else could be handier than having an apple to reduce hunger pangs? Yes, apple, an all year fruit is a good appetite suppressant. Apples not only keep doctor away but also keep cravings at a distance. Whenever you feel like eating high caloric junk food just because your brain signaling that way; grab an apple and eat it. This will meet the carbohydrates requirement and makes stomach feel fuller. Apple contains a good amount of fiber that helps in regulating digestive function too. The fibers expand in your stomach leaving a reduced amount of space for any other food you take in. Consequently, you will consume less high caloric food and reduce weight. When you have consumed apple it will keep stomach feel full longer and prevents over eating. Apple ranks higher among other fruits as an appetite suppressant because it contains fibers, sugars and very low amount of fats and calories. The sugars present in apple are natural and regulate blood glucose level very well, which in turn prevent it from craving for sugars and carbohydrates intake. In this article, you would come to know as why apple is such an effective appetite suppressant.


Fiber Content

Apple contains both soluble and insoluble fibers which makes it an efficient appetite suppressant fruit. It is estimated that one normal sized apple along with its skin contains nearly 4 grams of fibers. This amount is sufficient to settle in your stomach and makes it feel fuller for longer. Apple also has a good amount of pectin fiber. This is a special fiber found in other citrus fruits like oranges and grape fruits and exhibits profound effect on appetite suppression. Pectin when combined with other fibers of apple found to decrease hunger pangs. Pectin does this by making hunger centers of brain in hypothalamus believe that you are full. When the mixture of soluble fiber and water forms bulk in the digestive tract gives impression of being full prevents eating more unnecessarily. The definite masticating of an apple and the slower digestion due to the formation of bulk mass makes you full earlier.


Sugar Content

Apple is a high fiber fruit that takes time to digest and gives feeling of satiation for long. This not only provides with way to combat untimely hunger but also maintain blood glucose level. Natural sugar present in apple, fructose is an oligosaccharide and regulates blood glucose level effectively. Monitoring blood glucose level is a smart move because this does not make one indulge in consumption of dense calorie food. Studies show that people who regularly take apple before meals eat less and thus reduce weight quickly as compare to those who directly take in food. Studies also proved that people who eat apples show a lesser amount of blood glucose level within normal ranges.

Appetite Suppression

Packed with soluble, insoluble and pectin fibers apple is a perfect natural appetite suppressant. It combines with sugars and stimulates release of hormones that curb hunger. It is worthwhile to take a cup of water after an apple to feel fuller and avoid dense calorie consumption. People use to take severe measures to reduce weight while ignoring the easier one as taking apple before a meal. Apples not only add up fibers to your food and help satiation but also contain essential minerals and vitamins. Minerals and vitamins also make up for the nutrition you need and reduce abnormal cravings for carbohydrates and fats. The one main advantage is apple can be taken along with many foods. You can add it to simple meals to enhance taste as well and can get both advantage of feeling full and preventing over eating.


On the road to weight loss, after taking a correct supplement, the most important step is to curb hunger pangs. This is not as easy as it sounds. You may feel frustrated while feeling a desire of food that you cannot take as it will put weight on. Here, you go with a delicious and all effective appetite suppressant ‘Apple’. Apple gives a full feeling, maintains digestive system well and simultaneously curbing hunger pangs. Apple contains a good amount of fiber that expands in your stomach leaving a reduced amount of space for any other food you take in. Consequently, you will consume less high caloric food and reduce weight.

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