Is Appetite the Main Culprit in Weight Gain?

Introduction And Background

How in the world can this world be rid of obesity? It is the leading cause of all diseases at the moment and is also one of the major causes of depression that seems to be occurring quite a lot now. Once you gain weight, it is really hard to lose it. Dieting gets difficult as the days pass and when you see that the results you are getting are minimal and are appearing after ages and ages, it only makes you angry, nothing else. Isn’t it a thing to ponder over that if weight loss is so difficult, why do people let themselves gain weight at all? What is the main culprit that acts in weight gain?


Why Do People Get Fat?

Before we turn to the main culprit of weight gain, we should try to answer this simple question. Why do people get fat? And I am not talking about those people who have some abnormality in their body such as hormonal imbalance or problems with the thyroid gland. Their weight gain is justified. But the rest of the mighty population of this world, why are they fat? It is because of their love to eat and the lack of time of exercise. Here is the list of reasons of why people get fat. It is a long list but only a few reasons are mentioned here:


• Fast food is really cheap and eating a good old fashioned meal takes a lot of time and effort. It also doesn’t taste as good as fast food.
• With the world functioning at a fast speed, there is not time for exercise. People have to make time to join a gym or take out time for a light jog but generally they are so tired to do so after the work. This also makes people gain weight gradually.
• All activities contain minimal movement. With computers, television and even sports now becoming more interesting on gaming consoles, there really is no surprise that children are also becoming obese day by day.


Is Appetite The Main Culprit In Weight Gain?

Would it be true? Is appetite really the main culprit? Yes it is. Even if we don’t exercise that much, we still move around enough to make sure that we don’t gain excessive weight. But it is the excessive food that we eat which kills us, figuratively speaking. Our appetites have increased and are increasing with every meal we eat. We have forgotten when to say no or when to stop. When we see our favorite food, we just eat and even after that if something else delicious is available, even if we are fool, we do not want to miss out on the chance to eat that as well. This takes us to the road of obesity, one road which is hard to turn around on. Even weight loss is not possible without taking control of the appetite, even if you exercise on a daily basis.


How Can The Appetite Be Suppressed?

Since the appetite is the main culprit behind weight gain, it is also the main culprit needed to take care of for weight loss. The appetite needs to be suppressed, otherwise there really is no way to make sure weight isn’t gained. The appetite can be suppressed in several ways. There are techniques to it:

• Start drinking a lot of water. This will help a lot. Drink water before every meal so that your stomach fills up before you eat and that it enables you to eat less.
• Do not eat to your heart’s content. Eat a meal but keep yourself a little hungry. It will reduce the stomach size, but gradually.
• Eat foods which suppress the appetite, such as vegetables and some fruits.
• Do stomach clenching exercises so that the stomach size is reduced. This also reduces the appetite.
If all of this does not work, there is always another way. There are appetite suppressants available in the market, especially of the herbal kind. The herbal appetite suppressants are safe to use and they are also pretty effective. They do not have any side effects which is the general concern shown when appetite suppressants are used. If appetite suppression is hard and you are finding yourself in a difficult position, try out the herbal appetite suppressants.



Appetite is the main element and the key behind weight loss. It is what can change the fate. Those who eat less will always remain healthy and fit while those who overeat will feel lazy, find themselves wallowing in fat and them bemoan their obesity. It is better to lessen the appetite and make it stay that way throughout your life. There is not harm in having a large meal once in a while but having it daily is not at all healthy.