Appetite Suppression Via Green Leafy Vegetables

Introduction And Background
Appetite suppression is the one thing that you badly need to achieve during a diet programs. Weight loss is of course the ultimate goal but without appetite suppression, you’ll find yourself having a very hard time getting there, if at all you get there. This article will explain to you what appetite suppression is and how essential it is to your weight loss regime. Furthermore, you will know about the role of green leafy vegetables in suppressing the appetite. Read on further and acquaint yourself, especially if you are looking for ways to lose weight!

The Importance Of Appetite Suppression
Every single time, before you embark on the way of appetite suppression, you should always remind yourself of its importance in your mission. It helps to concentrate more and have better control over your will power in order to get your mission done. You see, without suppressing your appetite, it will become mighty difficult for you to lose weight. Even if you are exercising a lot or even if you’re only stuffing yourself with diet foods, you still would need to suppress your appetite in order to lose weight. For instance, you’re going to the gym regularly and work out for about two to three hours a day. That will only maintain your weight or tone your body if you are eating the same amount and stuffing yourself with burgers and French fries after the gym. If you want to tip the scales of the weighing machine in your favor, you need to have a control on what you’re eating and how much you’re eating.

Green Leafy Vegetables And Appetite Suppression
Appetite suppression is easier said than done. Imagine telling a person, who absolutely loves food, that they cannot eat the things they used to eat anymore. And what’s more, they’re going to eat different things now and in very minute amounts. No one will find that easy to do, especially initially during the diet when it is the toughest to control those raging hunger pangs. But that is not as difficult anymore with many a things that can help with the entire appetite suppression process. Green leafy vegetables are one of them. Here are a few reasons as to why green leafy vegetables are terrific for appetite suppression and why you should be having them during your diet.

  • Green leafy vegetables are a high fiber food and we’re all aware of how beneficial fiber is in our diets. Fiber is not absorbed in our body and is egested. In fact, one does not get any calories from fiber and more than that, it also solves the problem of constipation. Since one does not eat much during a diet, sometimes they face problems passing stool. Fiber enhances peristalsis and solves this problem as well!
  • Green leafy vegetables themselves do not have that many calories. In fact, you can eat as much as you want because most of the leaves contain cellulose, a substance which our body cannot digest. That too is removed without getting any calories from it.
  • They are scrumptious and keep your hunger at bay because they remain in the stomach for quite some time. The vegetables, especially green leafy ones, are not quickly digested, sort of like protein. That gives the human body time to remain away from any desirable foods since their stomach is already full.
  • Research is being done on Thylakoids, a substance present in green leafy vegetables. It enhances appetite suppression. There is sufficient evidence to suggest that thylakoids either burn fat or inhibit fat storage which is pretty beneficial to a person who is on a diet!

Other Ways To Suppress The Appetite
There are other ways to suppress the appetite, you don’t have to stick to just one! Eat a lot of green, leafy vegetables. You can have them in the raw form or sprinkle a little olive oil on them, both ways are enough to satisfy you. However, there are other methods you can use as well along with eating the green leafy vegetables. For one, you could have fiber foods lying around that do not have that many calories. Another way you can try to suppress the appetite is to drink water before every meal. That fills your stomach right up and you eat less automatically. But remember not to drink water immediately after eating your meal. That will inhibit the digesting process and is unhealthy for the body overall.

Appetite suppression via green leafy vegetables is the way to go about it. Not only are they yummy but they are healthy as well. Green, leafy vegetables have iron in them and a hundred other nutrients that are vital for the normal functioning of your body. They have very little carbs and almost zero fat. You can’t do wrong with them!