Appetite Suppression Via Fiber-Rich Foods

Introduction And Background
Dieting is a simple phenomenon, is it not? You try and reduce the intake of foods you eat which means that you are finally burning more calories than you are taking in. If you do the mathematics of that correctly, it means that you are utilizing your fat storage for energy since you are burning more calories than your daily intake. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? But there is one problem. It is not that easy. In fact, it is not that easy at all! Ask the people who have tried to lose weight, what their sentiments are towards dieting. Were you aware of the fact that most diets fail because a person who is a foodie finds it very hard to resist good food when it is in front of him or maybe he does not feel content with the amount he is eating and cannot resist the urge to eat more. Well, all of this has only one answer to it. If you master that, you are good to go on the road to weight loss. What is that thing? It’s appetite suppression.

Why Is Appetite Suppression So Important?
Appetite suppression is one thing you need desperately if you are planning on losing any weight. It is the one thing that will make your job a lot more easier which means that the probability becomes high that your diet will be a lot more successful. However, it is easier said than done. Appetite suppression does not just come in hand in a few hours. If your appetite is really large, sometimes it can take several days to achieve appetite suppression. But it is very important. Imagine you are dieting and cannot take it anymore because there is a large piece of your favorite cake in front of you. Now, if your appetite was suppressed, the craving of the cake could easily be overcome. If your appetite is still the same and you love food, times will get hard and dieting will become an impossible task for you.

Appetite Suppression Or Exercise?
Sometimes there is argument between people that exercise is more important to weight loss than appetite suppression. They are very wrong. Think of it this way, imagining you are working out a lot and are burning a lot of calories. But then again, how much can a normal average human being work out with jobs or studies or other various responsibilities that one might have? And imagine that after the work out and before it as well, a person is eating as much as they like. Would they lose any weight? They might be toning their body and building their physique but there is doubt that they would be losing any weight! And on the other hand, there is a person who is suppressing their appetite and just taking light strolls, not even working out that much. That person is more likely to lose weight than the former!

Fiber Foods Help Suppress The Appetite
We have all heard that fiber is definitely the perfect choice to have when are trying to lose weight. Fiber is that part of a food which contains very little calories and is mostly egested from the body. But what is so good about fiber is that they are very fulfilling and have the ability to keep you full for longer. This is why they are good to suppress the appetite. Imagine that, eating something that makes you content and you are not even gaining a lot of calories from it. On top of it, fiber forms the bulk of stool so that means you won’t have to face any constipation because that is one of the major problems that people face when they are on a diet.

What Foods Have High Fiber?
Now you’ll want to know what foods have high fiber in them. Well, all foods have fiber in them but you want to pick out the one which has the most amount of fiber and the least amount of fat or dangerous carbs. Nuts have fiber in them. Almonds especially should be in your kitchen or your room even. Eating a few almonds can be very fulfilling. Apples have fiber them and so do oranges but apples have fewer calories in comparison so is a preference. There is high fiber bread present which you can get to replace your usual white bread. Fiber is also present in many green, leafy vegetables. Consider them a part of your diet as well if you want to suppress the appetite via fiber.

Appetite suppression does not have to be done with the mind and body only. You can take help, especially food help if you want. It will make things a lot easier on you and perhaps appetite suppression a lot more successful.