Appetite Suppression Via Dark Chocolate

Introduction And Background
If you have planned to lose weight, you have to keep one thing in mind loud and clear. You have to have a control on your appetite. Without that, you might as well keep going the way you’re going. Weight loss is not at all difficult to understand. If you think about it really, it is just simple mathematics. You lose more calories than you take in, energy is subtracted from your fat storage and voila, you lose weight! Now what about that was difficult to understand? Nonetheless, weight loss is easier said than done. Appetite suppression does not come just like that. You have to work hard at it. But there are ways in which you can help yourself.

Why Is Appetite Suppression Instrumental In Weight Loss?
A lot of people always argue that exercise is the most important element in the entire weight loss regime. While exercise holds its own importance and is terrific when it comes to burning calories or toning the body, it isn’t the major thing that makes you lose weight. You lose weight when you suppress the appetite and take in lesser calories than you are burning in a day. The thing is, even if you are exercising and then eating the same amount, it really won’t help you. Imagine going to the gym and then coming back and eating an entire large meal in which you have fries and a fattening burger. How do you lose weight like that? Thus, appetite suppression is instrumental in weight loss. Even if you don’t go to the gym but just keep a control on your appetite, you will lose weight. Now do you see the difference?

Appetite Suppression Via Dark Chocolate
Now this must have come as a surprise to you. Chocolates are a general NO when it comes to the dieting program. You can’t have chocolates while on a diet and everyone knows that. But what about dark chocolate then? You can have that. In fact, it helps suppress the appetite! But remember, whenever there is something that suppresses the appetite it doesn’t mean that you overdose on it. You can have it in a normal amount. If dark chocolate suppresses the appetite, that does not mean you eat bars and bars of it. It only means that it helps to suppress the hunger pangs and a little of it can actually help you.

How Does Dark Chocolate Help Suppress The Appetite?
So what is it in dark chocolate that does the trick? Here are a few things that might interest you and learning about appetite suppressants is always a good step ahead in the weight loss regime.

  • Dark chocolate has a bitter taste. Very few people can eat it actually. Many prefer the sweet general chocolate bars that are available but those bars don’t help reduce appetite. Dark chocolate does. The bitter taste actually sends signals to the body and your appetite is automatically reduced because of it. Haven’t you ever noticed, when you eat something sour you don’t feel like eating much after that.
  • There is steric acid present in dark chocolates. The steric acid is very helpful in slowing down the digestion process. When one slows down the digestion process, this means that food stays in the stomach for longer. This also means that you don’t feel hungry for quite some time since the stomach is already full; your body is well adjusted to not eating for the time being.
  • Dark chocolate has an effect on the metabolism. It raises the metabolic rate and also reduces the absorption and storage of fats as well as carbohydrates. Usually a person who eats dark chocolate immediately feels satisfied and does not even seem to be in the mood to eat anything more. All of this generally prevents one from overeating and dark chocolate acts as a pretty good appetite suppressant this way.
  • Dark chocolate has anti-inflammatory effects and generally gives you a good feeling. This means that you are more likely to exercise with dark chocolate than without it as when you’re feeling good about what you’ve eaten and don’t feel bloated either, you can go for a stroll or do a few exercises.

But Remember…
One thing you must keep in mind though is that you must always choose the dark chocolate which has seventy percent cocoa in it. That means those chocolates have reduced calories and will be more effective in the plan you’ve set out to using them for.

Who thought this day would come where dark chocolate would actually help you to lose weight. Those who are actually fond of dark chocolate must be really happy right about now but remember, don’t overdo it. Eat a normal amount and utilize it to the maximum.

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