Appetite Suppression Through Sleep

Introduction And Background
This world is on the fast track towards higher rates of obesity in almost every continent, except for Africa maybe. With fast food available on every corner and healthy eating going out the window gradually, many are facing the problems of weight gain and don’t know what to do about it. Of course, they know that dieting is the only solution to their problems unless they are going for a liposuction. But they know that even after that, they would have to suppress the appetite, that is how important appetite suppression is! Read on further to find out why it is important and what the connection between appetite suppression and sleep is.

No Weight Loss Without Appetite Suppression
It is almost impossible or highly unlikely that you will ever lose weight unless you suppress the appetite and apply self-control to what you are eating. It is as simple as that. Those who think that the importance lies with exercise are about twenty percent right. Exercise is important for weight loss and it boosts the metabolic rate and helps burns calories at a faster rate but in the end of it all if you end up eating a huge, juicy steak with a soda, the exercise you did throughout the day will all be for nothing. Appetite suppression is where it counts, where you will reduce the number of calories so that your intake does not exceed the rate you are burning them at. Only then will your energy reserves be utilized and you will be losing weight. So if you think that you can lose weight appetite suppression, think again!

Sleep And Appetite Suppression
Sleep is very important in order to achieve appetite suppression. It actually plays a major role in how your mind works and how willing it will be towards what you want. To make you understand this better, you will now be given two scenarios. In one scenario, there is a dieter who is trying hard to eat less and control his appetite but he is sleep deprived. He will become more irritable and since he has been up for many hours now without any rest, his energy sources are also feeling depleted. This means that he will be likely to make poor food choices and might even go for the easy fix of a bag of chips or a coke in the cabinet rather than cooking up a healthy meal which goes with his diet. His metabolism will also be slow and since he is irritated and tired, he will not be strong enough to suppress his appetite. In the second scenario, there is another dieter who is well-rested and has had his seven to nine hours of sleep. His brain is under control, he is fresh and happy and it is likely that he will follow his diet and maybe might even be in the mood to fix something healthy for himself. He will have more control over what he is eating and it will just be easier for him to say no to unhealthy or fattening foods. Now do you see how sleep has an effect on appetite suppression? Your mood is important. It is essential that you understand exactly how important it is. And your mood is of course affected by your sleep.

Other Ways Of Suppressing The Appetite
Now that you have understood appetite suppression through sleep, there are other ways in which you can suppress the appetite as well. Here are a few tricks which will help you!

  • Drinking water before every meal is a great appetite suppressing trick. This means that your stomach is already filled with water and considering that, there will automatically be less space for food now, won’t there? Try to drink water about ten minute before every meal. But remember; don’t drink any after eating your meal! It ruins the digesting process and also expands your stomach further as you’ve already filled it with food!
  • Do your research and eat foods that help suppress the appetite. Berries are good appetite suppressants. Almonds are on the list too along with citrus fruits. They can trick your brain into believing that you’re full now and they don’t even have that many calories!
  • Eat a heavy protein meal for breakfast. It will keep you appetized for a longer period of time and keep you away from eating snacks. Proteins take a longer time to digest that means your stomach will be full for a longer time!

Appetite suppression is the trick you all must know about in order to achieve weight loss. If you are successful in suppressing the appetite, more than half the work is done! And now that you know how essential sleep is to achieving that, have a good night’s sleep!