Appetite Suppression Techniques

Introduction and background

The wait is over. All you need now are some tricks up your sleeve for your body and in no time you will be showing off your flat stomach to all your friends. Appetite suppression is not easy, especially for those who claim they ‘live for food’. It is difficult to control a desire so strong. But there is a way to trick your body into suppressing the appetite. In fact, there are ways to do it.

Stop food cravings

The only way to suppress the appetite is to go about it literally; stop wanting to fill your stomach with food all the time. The unnecessary and untimely cravings that people have daily are the reason for a bloated belly. To get that belly to shrink, you have to refrain from eating too much.

How to stop food cravings

Here is where the techniques come in. There is a certain way to eat and what to eat that can make your cravings go away. This way, you also eat properly and do not get hunger pangs at uneven times. These ways are:
• Every time you crave a specific food, take for instance something sweet then rather than eating a whole bar of chocolate, have a bit of bread to overcome the craving.
• Do not buy any snacks when you go for groceries. As long as you don’t have all the junk food and sweets at home, you’ll find healthy alternatives in the kitchen which will help and be better for the diet in general.
• Stick to vegetables. Eat raw vegetables as much as you want. They do not make you fat and are easy to digest, hence no added pressure on the stomach or the appetite.
• Eat at mealtimes only.
• Drink a lot of water! Drink water before every meal. At times when you feel you have an empty stomach and there is time left before the next mealtime, try drinking water as it will minimize the craving. And try to bear the minimum craving.
• Fiber in diet is also good. It is as good as vegetables and little fiber makes you feel full sooner, and will eventually in the process reduce the appetite.
• Have protein at breakfast. Hunger pangs have to do a lot with the muscle of the stomach. If you eat protein, then the muscles relax and you’ll find your need for cravings lessened considerably if you start the day by eating something which has a high percentage of protein in it.
• Green tea is an exceptional appetite suppressant. The herbs in green tea lessen the appetite and make you feel less hungry or not hungry at all!
• Spicy foods are much preferred in comparison with salty or sweet tasting foods. They keep you alert and those who eat spices have been known to be less hungry.
• Eat healthy and stay away from all the oily fried things.
• Eat at home.

What if these don’t work?

There are cases who find controlling their appetites almost impossible. They cannot suppress their appetite no matter how hard they try or what they do. The love for satisfying those hunger pangs is too great. In this case, one can always revert to herbal appetite suppressing pills. They are safe and effective, made from natural herbs and other natural ingredients. They are not that expensive either and can help in suppressing the appetite. The reviews of these herbal appetite suppressing pills have been good. If you’re having trouble controlling yourself, these pills are likely to help you.



Suppressing the appetite is not that difficult. All you have to do is know what you’re capable of. Everyone can achieve anything once they set their minds to it. All these techniques are not very hard. They are little things that if one starts doing in a routinely manner, they won’t have a problem and soon have a lessened appetite. But in case that cannot happen, the herbal appetite suppressing pills are always there to help. In either case, it is a win win deal and both are safe ways. In the end, both will get the same results; a suppressed appetite and a flat stomach.