Appetite Suppression Is The First Step To Weight Loss

Introduction And Background

Many would argue with the article statement because according to the old way of thinking, they still believe that exercise is the first as well as the last step to weight loss. My own mother agrees with that way of thinking! She keeps telling my overweight brother to eat whatever he wants but he should exercise because that will enable him to lose weight. Well, this is not the right thing to do and I have explained that to my brother just as I will explain it to you in this article. There isn’t a doubt that exercise is important for weight loss but then again, it is not the first step to weight loss. The first step to weight loss is actually appetite suppression.

How Important Is Appetite Suppression For Weight Loss?

It is extremely important. In fact, weight loss is not really possible without appetite suppression. I have never seen a person eat whatever they want to the full extent and then experience weight loss on top of that. Appetite suppression is the first step. Look at it this way. If you do not suppress the appetite and start eating less, you will still be putting on more weight because you are storing all the calories. If you begin to suppress the appetite and eat less, you will burn the calories you have already stored because you need the energy and the reserves will be in order because you are not eating enough to meet the energy requirement. Get it? This means that appetite suppression is in fact the actual way to lose weight.

Exercise Is Important For…?

For those who still argue with the point and think that exercise is the way to go, know that exercise is only important for weight maintenance. Of course, it is extremely important in the weight loss process as well because even if you have suppressed the appetite, you still need to exercise to get the game to continue. However, exercise is more important for making sure you do not gain weight. For example, if you have been to the gym it is well and good but if you have a fat meal afterwards, you’ll probably end up gaining. Even if you have had a good workout, you’ll be eating more calories than you actually burned or you might be eating calories equal to it. This does not make you lose weight. This is where appetite suppression is important to achieve. Without it, there really won’t be any possibility to lose weight.

Is Appetite Suppression Easy?
To be honest, it is really hard. Obese people find this really hard to achieve because of their constant cravings and their love for food. Appetite suppression is not exactly an easy thing because it is hard to suddenly start eating less and to control during every meal where the stomach is probably driving you insane. There are certain techniques which you can apply to make the process a whole lot easier but if you plan on just doing it like that without really putting any smart effort into it, it will be hard.

How To Make Appetite Suppression Easy?
This is easy to achieve. You do a little research on the topic and you’ll find various techniques that can help you immensely. Appetite suppression can be achieved by eating foods such as:

  • Apples and oranges. They are fruits and yes they do contain a little sugar and carbs but apples and oranges also have a lot of fiber and vitamins in them which make you feel full for longer and even little bites can keep you satisfied.
  • Water is the element of weight loss. Water is the medium of all reactions in the body. Water is also an appetite suppressant. Drink enough water before every meal and you’ll find that you need to eat less because half your stomach is already filled with the water! Smart move, yes?
  • Make green tea a part of your routine rather than tea and coffee. Green tea is actually good for the health in various ways. It helps the skin, it metabolizes the fat and it also makes you lose your appetite because of the herbs present in it.
  • Start doing exercises to pull that stomach in. The best way to make appetite suppression easy is to first pull in that stomach of yours. If you reduce the size of the stomach, you’ll become full with the little you eat anyway.

Appetite suppression is not the enemy, as many dieters would believe it to be because of the tough time they face achieving it. Agreed that appetite suppression is actually hard and one would think that it is a hazard of weight loss, it is actually good for the health and will ensure you do not gain back all the weight you have lost.